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Lake Norman Real Estate’s March 2015 Desktop Calendar is Here!


Lake Norman real estate calendar

 I am thrilled that THE local expert on plants and wildlife, Christine Lisiewski (who works at my favorite Dearness Gardens Nursery in Huntersville), has provided us with another one of her amazing photographs for this month’s calendar. Continue Reading….

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Lake Norman real estate calendar


Download this month’s Lake Norman calendar here

Spring is coming!  March is when Lake Norman trees, bushes and flower gardens start coming back to life.  By April we will be surrounded by green and bursts of the colors of springtime.  I am thrilled that THE local expert on plants and wildlife, Christine Lisiewski (who works at my favorite Dearness Gardens Nursery in Huntersville), has provided us with another one of her amazing photographs for this month’s calendar. Christine takes stunning photos of nature and flowers and generously shared this one with us. Not only is she the plant buyer at Dearness Gardens but she just recently was picked to design and implement a butterfly garden for The Preserve at Robbins Point and she even teaches classes about butterflies and native gardens. Visit her new blog: Christine’s Beautiful World.

To make your desktop calendar just click on the link above and then right click and select “set as background”. This is a copyrighted photo so please understand that I can not send you a copy of this photo without the calendar. Thank you! Continue reading

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Lake Norman Real Estate’s March 2015 Desktop Calendar is Here!

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The Due Diligence Fee: Non-Refundable and Very Unpopular with Lake Norman Home Buyers

Due Diligence Fee and Period for buying a home


In January of 2011 the North Carolina Association of Realtor’s completely redesigned the Offer to Purchase forms to be used when buying and selling single family homes in our state.  One of the hardest things to explain or justify to out-of-state buyers particularly is the non-refundable “Due Diligence Fee”.

So what is the Due Diligence Fee?  In short, it is a non-refundable fee that is given to the seller at the “effective” date of the purchase contract which is the day the agreement is signed and delivered back to the buyers or buyers’ agent.  If paying by check, the buyer makes the check payable directly to the seller.  It does not pass go nor go to an escrow account. The seller keeps it no matter what.  The good news is that this fee is negotiable and does get applied to the total purchase price. Continue reading

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Lake Norman Real Estate’s February 2015 Hot Sheet Analysis

Lake Norman real estate Hot Sheet report

Want the very latest insight into our Lake Norman real estate market? So do I which is why, every month, I do a snapshot analysis of the middle two weeks of the month to get a sense of where we are at this very moment…an almost live insight into the heartbeat of the Lake Norman housing market.

Despite the weather, February closed sales so far indicate that Lake Norman’s housing market is plugging along at a pace slightly better than last year’s. We currently have 230 single family homes under contract (sellers have accepted an offer but the sale is not complete) in all of Lake Norman compared to last month’s 187, December’s 174, November’s  208, and October’s 262.  While February is historically one of our lowest month for closed sales, activity is good.  Here are our 2-week Hot Sheet numbers:

Lake Norman Real Estate’s February 2015 Two-Week Hot Sheet

Lake Norman real estate Hot Sheet home sales

* The above chart is a summary of today’s “Hot Sheet” from the Charlotte Multiple Listing Service for single family homes in all of Lake Norman. These numbers represent a real time snapshot of the past two week’s activity. (February 8th – 22nd). As always, I have included the past 6 months so that you can put these numbers in perspective.

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Just the facts about Lake Norman

Snow in Lake Norman?

Weather is a big reason why so many people from all over the country move to our Charlotte Lake Norman area.  One common question is about our winters so when I just found this on the WNBC weather report this morning I knew I should share it!  As you can see, last year we had one big storm which brought in 9.3″ although at our house we measured 10″.  The most we have ever had in the past 2 decades is 14.5″.  So far this year we haven’t had any but forecasters are calling for about 1″ tomorrow night.  Sorry Boston, hang in there!

Just the facts about Lake Norman, lake norman real estate

Why are Lake Norman’s water levels so low in February?

Lake Norman waterfront shoreline in  February

Isn’t it reassuring to know that Duke Energy, who controls Lake Norman’s water levels, has a well designed plan which is monitored daily?  I took this photo today while showing waterfront properties because you can clearly see the different colors of the shoreline riprap which mark the high, medium and lowest lake levels.  The orangish layer closest to the water is under water most of the year. Looking at this, newcomers might think that the lake is abnormally low right now which is true.  However, if all goes as planned February should have the lowest water levels of the year according to Duke Energy.  In fact, today, at 95.7, we are actually a foot above our “target” of 94.5.  The winter draw down of water levels helps us prepare for the spring runoff from the melting snow in the mountains. Continue reading

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Southern Spring Home and Garden Show in Charlotte is February 20 – 22nd AND February 27th – March 1, 2015


Southern Spring Home and Garden show 2015


Based on the popularity of HGTV, sites like and what I see on Facebook and Pinterest, it seems like just about everyone enjoys seeing beautiful homes and gardens and getting ideas and inspiration. The Southern Spring Home and Garden Show is a GREAT opportunity for us Lake Norman area residents to do this in person. I know it requires driving, parking and walking but seriously it is well worth it!  They have an amazing array of lectures, demonstrations, displays and vendors/experts who you can chat with about your own thoughts and project ideas.  And yes, there is shopping and eating too!

The Southern Spring Home & Garden Show returns to its roots in 2015 with a theme saluting the best of the Carolinas.From the mountains to the coast. Musicians to Philanthropists. BarBQ to Moon Pie and Pepsi. Forest lands to Financial Centers. Dogwoodsand Daydreamers. We’ve got it all … and it will all be brought into beautiful focus by hundreds of talented men and women who love calling Carolina home.So, answer the call and make plans to drink it all in.To make it even easier we’ve expanded the show to TWO WEEKENDS. It’s Spring times two.

Fri-Sat-Sun; February 20-21-22, AND Fri-Sat-Sun; February 27-28 March 1.

Location: The Park Expo and Conference Center in Charlotte

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