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Lake Norman Aerial photo of the Lake Norman Airpark

Researching the Lake Norman North Carolina area when contemplating a relocation or buying a vacation home is an exciting adventure and it is definitely not just about searching for Lake Norman real estate or waterfront homes for sale. Here is a comprehensive list of Lake Norman related online links to help you learn about our area; from town, county and state government sites to detailed information about area schools, medical services,  golf, boating and recreation on the lake as well as plenty of just plain fun things to discover.

Your first stop may be to The Charlotte Observer. They have a “Lake Norman Neighbor’s” section (see link below) and they publish an annual magazine Living Here at Lake Norman Magazine which is an excellent resource for newcomers. (If you would like a free copy email me…they are hard to come by but I have a few!)

Next, I would bookmark and read all of these great (printed and) online resources for Lake Norman news, community events, restaurant reveiws, sports and recreation, shopping and all about life in Lake Norman:

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Just the facts about Lake Norman

Caution: Lake Norman Water Levels Unusually Low Due to Drought

Lake Norman water levels September 2015


Our recent moderate drought has hit Lake Norman particularly hard.  Today, according to Duke Energy’s daily lake level chartour lake is at 94.3 almost 4 feet below the target of 98.  If you look at the chart you will notice that Duke Energy has lowered Lake Norman’s level well below the other 16 lakes of the Catawba, Keowee-Toxaway & Broad River.  My guess is this may be in part because we have our dam so they are better able to control our levels and are allowing other lakes to retain more water in case the drought doesn’t end soon.

The wonderful photo above was shared by one of my new favorite Lake Norman blogs:  homeiswheretheboatis.net  in which readers are treated to fun and stunning photos of and articles about her dogs, food/recipes, home decor & decorating ideas, and life in Lake Norman. Continue reading

Just the facts about Lake Norman

Snow in Lake Norman?

Weather is a big reason why so many people from all over the country move to our Charlotte Lake Norman area.  One common question is about our winters so when I just found this on the WNBC weather report this morning I knew I should share it!  As you can see, last year we had one big storm which brought in 9.3″ although at our house we measured 10″.  The most we have ever had in the past 2 decades is 14.5″.  So far this year we haven’t had any but forecasters are calling for about 1″ tomorrow night.  Sorry Boston, hang in there!

Just the facts about Lake Norman, lake norman real estate

Why are Lake Norman’s water levels so low in February?

Lake Norman waterfront shoreline in  February

Isn’t it reassuring to know that Duke Energy, who controls Lake Norman’s water levels, has a well designed plan which is monitored daily?  I took this photo today while showing waterfront properties because you can clearly see the different colors of the shoreline riprap which mark the high, medium and lowest lake levels.  The orangish layer closest to the water is under water most of the year. Looking at this, newcomers might think that the lake is abnormally low right now which is true.  However, if all goes as planned February should have the lowest water levels of the year according to Duke Energy.  In fact, today, at 95.7, we are actually a foot above our “target” of 94.5.  The winter draw down of water levels helps us prepare for the spring runoff from the melting snow in the mountains. Continue reading

Just the facts about Lake Norman, Relocating? Life in Lake Norman

Lake Norman Waterfront Lots For Sale: $795 and $10 Down!

Lake Norman waterfront home built in the 1970's

The house on the left was built in the late 1970’s and was torn down several years ago; replaced by a new home similar to the one on the right.

Can you imagine that in 1975 you could buy a waterfront lot on Lake Norman for under $1000? In fact, I have met a number of “locals” who sold their waterfront lots for even less than that thinking that they were pretty useless given how remote Lake Norman was before our Interstate I-77 was built.

So why am I writing about Lake Norman’s lot prices from 40 years ago?  It just happens that I attended a great panel discussion last week at Davidson College “Exploding Canons Under the Lake and also began reading the just released book about Lake Norman: A History of Lake Norman, Fish Camps to Ferraris.  I have always been struck by how important it is to put Lake Norman in its historical context to truly appreciate not just how lucky we are today but how many people and places were displaced and lives forever changed in order for us to enjoy our wonderful lives as “Lake People”. Continue reading

Just the facts about Lake Norman, Lake Norman News, Events and Celebrations

Lake Norman’s 50th Anniversary Celebration is this Saturday: June 22, 2013

Lake Norman 50th Anniversary photo of dam in progress

Photo courtesy of Visit Lake Norman on Pinterest circa mid-1960’s

Lake Norman is celebrating a major milestone this summer.  50 years ago the 4-year flooding of the countryside of the Catawba River was completed and Lake Norman became a reality!

This Saturday, June 22nd, a celebration of Lake Norman’s 50th anniversary is being held at Queens Landing beginning at 2pm.  This free, family friendly event will feature games and live music by the Gospelaires, Sunny Skyyz and the Rainmakers and the Red Dirt Revelators.  There will also be educational booths set up by the Lake Norman groups who worked to present this celebration including  Duke Energy, The Lake Norman Wildlife Conservationists, Save Our Lake Organization and the Catawba Riverkeeper.

Lake Norman truly was and is an impressive feat.  Construction of Lake Norman, now  the largest man-made lake in the Carolinas, began with a dynamite blast on September 28, 1959.  Once the dam completed in March of 1962,  the waters of the Catawba River began backing up and flooding towns, farms, woods, bridges until it reached the  760-foot sea level line which we now refer to as “full pond”.

A few interesting facts:

  • 33.6 Miles long and 9 miles wide at its broadest point
  • 520 Miles of shoreline
  • 3.4 trillion gallons of water
  • 110 feet deep at its deepest point
  • Named for Norman Atwater Cocke, a former president of Duke Power
  • Cowans Ford Dam hydroelectric station provides power for hundreds of thousands
  • The McGuire Nuclear Station, built in 1981, provides electricity for millions

Want to learn more? Continue reading

Just the facts about Lake Norman, Property Tax Rates

Lake Norman property tax rates by county and city

 Lake Norman Propery Real EstateTax

 Lake Norman’s low property taxes are one of the attractions for home buyers considering a relocation to our beautiful area.  However, because Lake Norman falls in 4 different counties and ten towns for prospective home buyers it can be a bit of a challenge trying to get a sense of what their property taxes will be in any given location.

Below are links to all of the county website pages that provide all of the information you will need.  In addition, here are a few helpful hints: Continue reading