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Lake Norman Real Estate’s March 2018 Calendar

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Lake Norman’s Waterfront Neighborhood Video Tour

So, you all are my guinea pigs!  Here is my first Lake Norman video tour using my new GoPro.   This is a quick tour of some of the waterfront neighborhoods on the Brawley School Road Peninsula in Mooresville.  While I focused on The Point I also included views of two streets, Tuskarora Trail and Washam Road, that are good examples of what non-subdivision neighborhoods look like.  I also included a more rustic gravel road so that you get a better idea of what they look like.

Hopefully this will provide some insight into Lake Norman’s waterfront lifestyles.  Look for more video tours of Lake Norman in the days to come.  And feel free to request certain neighborhoods, streets or shopping areas.  My plan is also to make specific videos for buyers so they can see the actual neighborhoods they are interested in!  Any requests or input would be welcomed!

Lake Norman photos

Lake Norman Real Estate’s June Wallpaper Calendar is Here!

Lake Norman Real Estate's June 2014 Wallpaper Calendar Photo of a sailboat race on Lake Norman

Newcomers to Lake Norman don’t always appreciate just how big our beautiful lake actually is and how many types of boating it accomodates.  We have two yacht clubs that offer wonderful sailing activities, comraderie and competitions.  This photo is of a race just off the Brawley School Road Peninsula in Mooresville on a beautiful summer’s day.  If you look closely on the far right you can see the Lake Norman Yacht Club.  I have very fond memories of crewing in sailing races as a child.  The boats were small but the races were serious and lots of fun!

This gorgeous photo was taken by renowned artist Cotton Ketchie, owner of Mooresville’s Landmark Galleries, who spends much of his time driving all over North Carolina and even summer trips around the country, taking stunning photos. And, of course, he also takes some amazing photos of Lake Norman as well. If you haven’t visited his store on Main Street in Historic Downtown Mooresville you should put it on your list for 2014! He has myriad beautiful photographs like this one for sale as well as his wonderful watercolors and even North Carolina pottery. Continue reading