Lake Norman Real Estate Market Reports

Lake Norman Real Estate’s 1st Quarter 2017 Market Report by Price Range: Great Tool for Buyers and Sellers!

If you are a home buyer or seller in the Lake Norman area it really only matters what is happening in YOUR price-range. Yes, it is important to know about the global economy, the national economy and the Charlotte area economy and real estate market but real estate is hyper-local so it is most meaningful for you to learn about the Lake Norman real estate market and within that, your specific niche. For instance, if you are looking to buy or sell in the $900,000 price range, you are going to have an entirely different experience than someone in the $800,000’s. This is the reason why I create a price-range analysis every quarter for my readers:

Lake Norman’s 1st Quarter 2017 Home Sales By Price Range

Lake Norman Real Estate's Market Report by Price Range

*Compiled from the Carolina Multiple Listing Service’s data, this chart enables you to focus on your specific price range(s) rather than use the broad-brush approach thus allowing you to size up your competition and better position yourself.  

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Lake Norman Real Estate Market Reports

Lake Norman Real Estate’s October 2015 Market Report: An Anomaly?

So a month ago I wrote:  “October is really going to be ugly“.  Unfortunately, it was.  Sales were down 36% compared to October 2014 and 28.7% from last month. Because we had exceptionally strong home sales in October 2014, October 2015 looks REALLY bad however we actually logged in some respectable numbers when you look at Lake Norman’s October sales historically. (See annual sales chart below) . Our inventory of active listings is insanely low (10% below last year’s) which will also serve as another challenge to the rest of 2015 sales. If there is a silver lining  it is that after October, our sales in 2014 dropped significantly so there is a chance we can pull out ahead of  last year again in November and December. And, our year-to-date 2015 closed single family home sales are still 9% higher than 2014’s.  After 9 straight months of increases over 2014, October broke our winning streak.  However, things just may pick up based upon the numbers below. Let’s take a closer look:    

Lake Norman Market Report for October 2015

* All data is from the Carolina Multiple Listing Service.

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