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3rd Annual Wiener Race is Sept. 8th, 2007 in Downtown Mooresville!

Do you ever hear about something and dismiss the seriousness of it almost immediately because it is just too silly? When I originally heard about Mooresville’s Dachshund Race I simply laughed. The image of the little weiner dogs running in a race was so cute that I decided I really wanted to go just for the sheer fun of it all. When I decided to write a blog about the event I started asking questions and the answers simply blew me away. Not only is this a serious event, but “ringers” are brought in from other states much to the displeasure of the local dachshund owners. Check out Floridian wonderdog Sammy and you will understand that he is in a league all his own: (Sammy has won 37 of 38 races in 5 states!)

So, it turns out there are National Dachshund Races every September!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 8th. The races are from 10-2 on Broad Street in Downtown Mooresville. This is a 50-yard Dachshund sprint to the checker flag! There are 4 age divisions. Each race consists of heats with the finalist of each heat advancing to the finals to determine the winner of the “Grand Wiener Trophy” . All proceeds go to the Lake Norman Animal Rescue which is Dedicated to rescuing adoptable shelter pets and placing them into loving forever homes.: I hope to see you there!


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