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60 Things about Life in Lake Norman that you won’t find in a Tour Guide! Part 3

Boatslips at The Peninsula Yacht Club in Cornelius

 If you missed Part 1 and 2 of this series, then you don’t know how to pronounce Appalachian properly, or that you shouldn’t be surprised to have complete strangers wave at you as you drive by most any Lake Norman neighborhood or why you need to merge quickly onto our Interstates.  Here is Part 3: 

  • Boatslips are scarce on Lake Norman, so try to get one with your house!  This is one thing I wish my Realtor has told us when we purchase our home here on Lake Norman.  Duke Energy oversees the lake and they are making  boatslip and dock regulations more restrictive.  If you plan on having a boat, try to buy a home with a deeded boatslip if you aren’t buying a waterfront home.  There are few public marinas and from what I understand no more permits for multiple dock marinas are going to be allowed in all of Lake Norman. 
  • Green is coming:  When it comes to the environment, we tend to follow other states and are a bit behind, with the exception of areas like Asheville.  Our local towns don’t have curbside recycling but there are several private companies that offer it. (We now have curbside recycling! 2014).  As a member of the Lake Norman Home Builders Association’s Green Council I can attest to the fact that more and more home builders are incorporating energy efficiency and high-performance materials into their new homes.
  •  Round Bale of Hay in North Carolina Round bales of hay, not square!  You don’t have to drive far to see bales of hay spread across a field, especially in the fall.  In fact, we had some until recently on Brawley School Rd.  What I love is that they are all round as in this photo rather than the square bales I used to see in CA.
  • Canoeing during the day and Bobcats at night:  Recreational, amateur and professional sports are a huge part of life here.  I had no idea Charlotte had all of the major professional sports including hockey until I moved here.  Golf courses are dotted throughout the Lake Norman area.  Basketball, especially the college playoffs, is hugely popular.  Go UNC!
  • Very little access to swimming unless you have a boat:  At the time of this article, we only have one public swimming area on the entire Lake Norman shoreline and that is at the Lake Norman State Park.  However, Mecklenburg County is considering approval of several that will be adjacent to public boat ramps in Cornelius.

1957 Chevy in Paint Booth

  •  Cars, cars, cars:  Cruise-ins, shows, racing:  While Lake Norman may be a Mecca for pilots, it most definitely is THE Mecca for all things on wheels.  From NASCAR, to drag racing, Charlotte/Lake Norman is home to approximately 80% of the auto racing industry.  Along with that come the car collectors and enthusiasts…I’m married to one!  If you want, you could probably find a cruise-in or gathering of car collectors almost every night of the week during the summer.  Plus, we have the big shows like Good Guys as well.  So, if you are a car nut, put Mooresville at the top of your list!  (Photo is my husband’s latest custom hot rod)
  • Wine is  local and international:  Full disclosure, my parents had a vineyard in Napa Valley for 25 years.  Yet, despite my exposure to the wine world I had no idea that North Carolina has quite a number of local wineries.  There is even a new one in Troutman right here in Lake Norman.  For those that have not acquired a taste for our state wines which can be a bit sweet, we have a number of wine shops (Total Wine), groups and tastings in the area on a regular basis.  We also have our own local breweries and craft beer makers in growing numbers.  (Yes, and thanks to Trader Joe’s we also have two-buck Chuck!)
  • Lake Norman folks are usually really tan, especially the longtime lake residents:  To get the idea, just visit the local lake hangout Vinnie’s where you will find the waitresses with deep tans as well as many of the patrons.

Red Clay at construction along Brawley School Rd

  •  Red clay:  Our natural soil here is a deep red clay.  If you buy a home with a mature garden you may not even see it but if you have a good rain, don’t be surprised if you track some red footprints into the house.  If not amended with mulch, our red clay becomes rock hard when it is dry.  If you have any planting to do, I would plan it for after a good rainfall.
  • Cycling is not so great on our roads but is improving:  My husband has been a serious cyclist for most of his life and even he finds the roads here too narrow for safe cycling.  Most of our roads have absolutely no shoulders and with just one lane in each direction can be quite challenging for cycling.  However, the widening of Brawley School Road includes bike lanes and there is a group that is working hard to get a cycling path built that will completely surround Lake Norman.  Until then,  Lake Norman State Park, Jetton State Park and The Point in Mooresville and The Peninsula in Cornelius are good options.

Stay tuned for the finale, Part 4!

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