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60 Things About Life in Lake Norman You Won’t Find in a Tour Guide: Part 2

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A while back I wrote part one of this series about life in Lake Norman 60 Things about Life in Lake Norman Part 1.  Most of the 60 things on this list are not information you will find in any tour guide or Chamber of Commerce website but I thought it would be fun to share some of the interesting and quirky things  I have discovered/observed since moving here in 2005:

  •  Road names changes:  This is a biggy…Don’t be surprised if the road you are on changes names or if you come to an intersection and find that the right side of the street has one name and the left has an entirely different name.  Always look at both signs when trying to find the name.
  • Lake Norman is about 4.5 hours from the beautiful Atlantic coastline:  The beach is probably the number one vacation destination of local residents many of whom have second homes in Wilmington or Myrtle Beach. Compared to the beaches of Southern California, they are clean, have lots of shells and the water in the summer is really warm!  They can be a bit humid in the summer but are incredibly beautiful all year round.
  • Merging lanes are very short!  The merging lanes on the I-77 and other state highways have a way of disappearing VERY quickly. Don’t expect to have a lot of time to move over when exiting or entering a highway!

Geese crossing the road is typical in Lake Norman

  • Ducks and Geese are quite at home here along with deer, squirrels, raccoons and myriad birds.  But watch out, I have seen a family of geese walking across Williamson Road stopping traffic in both directions!
  • Raft ups is a local term used for boat parties on Lake Norman when two or more boats are tied together.  As I wrote recently, I do believe Lake Norman holds the worlds record for the number of boats tied together at one time!
  • Variety of lifestyles: You can be yourself and simply find others who share your interests.  Casual, formal, conservative, liberal, churches of every kind, party goers, homebodies, those that want to escape and those that want to be surrounded by a community of friends, farm country or city, historic or modern, southern or Yankee, natural or commercial, cutting edge or old fashioned; ee have it all either on the Lake or in the surrounding communities.

John Deere's Line up in front of Lowe's

  • Most folks mow their own lawns with riding mowers .  While this might not be the case in The Point or the more exclusive communities, for the most part you will see husbands and/or wives out mowing their own lawns.  In fact, a John Deere mower was our very first purchase.  My husband actually finds it relaxing.  I have tried it and it really was fun but it seems he doesn’t like to share!
  • People move here because they want to, not because they have to!  I work with a lot of relocating buyers and the most common question I get asked by my friends is why are they all moving to Lake Norman?  While each client’s story is unique, with a few exceptions, all of my buyers are moving or have moved here because they want to live here.  They have done their research and whether it is the lake, the weather, the proximity to so much, most every one has purposely picked Lake Norman as THE place that they want to live….from young couples to families looking for good schools to retirees.

Magnificent Frank Lloyd Wright style Estate on Long Island Airport Lake NormanP1020956

  • Lake Norman Air Parks x 2:  Yes, we have not one but TWO small airparks on Lake Norman, one on the west side and one on the east side.  I am finding that we are a mecca for pilots of all kinds!  This home overlooking the grass runway at Long Island AirPark is one of my very favorites because of it’s Frank Lloyd Wright feel.
  • If you want to fit in, you need to know how to pronounce some very important local names: 

                    Jetton  (As in the street in Cornelius)  Je-t- ON;

                    Iredell:   Eye-er-dell; 

                   Rowan:  Row-Ann 

Appalachian: App (sounds like apple)- a- latch-a.  (the most mispronounced word throughout the US!)


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