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A bit of Mooreville Lake Norman NC’s history is lost to real estate development

Historic Market on Lake Norman's Brawley School RoadFor some reason this tiny, run-down old store touched me the very first time I saw it just after moving to Mooresville Lake Norman. I passed it every day for years as I drove back and forth on Brawley School Road, thinking someday I should stop, take a picture and peak inside.

As the widening of Brawley School began several months ago, someone painted numbers with bright orange spray paint on a number of homes and structures located very close to the street. This tiny store had the #60 on it which I realized meant it was going to be torn down.

On a whim, my son and I stopped one day and took these pictures.

We peaked inside the partially opened front door and it was as if time had stopped. The old shelves and refrigerator were just as they were years ago. I imagined the shelves full of food and supplies and folks standing around talking about the recent cotton crop.

While I welcome the new homes along Lake Norman, the 2 new lanes on Brawley School and even the commercial real estate development occurring all along it, I cant help be feel a sense of loss.

To think that years ago there was no Lake Norman. Our now historic downtown Mooresville was built by cotton farmers simply to take advantage of the new railroad to get their cotton to their buyers.

Yesterday, as my son and I were driving home from lunch, we drove by the store. In a matter of a few hours it had been demolished. A huge tractor was scooping up the now piles of old wood.

Our first instinct was to turn around and try to get one piece of wood or something not knowing what we would do with it. But, we kept going, deciding it was best to carry on, grateful that we had these pictures to remind us of life in Mooresville before we lake-lovers came along.


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3 thoughts on “A bit of Mooreville Lake Norman NC’s history is lost to real estate development

  1. Hilary Clair says:

    That odd little place always looked kind of creepy to me. That was really thoughtful for them to stop by and photograph it. I had no idea it had been a store. I wonder if anyone remembers its history? It would be interesting to know.

  2. Hilary Clair says:

    I’d like to know what this area was like before and during the Civil War. The train through (what later became the town of) Mooresville and on to Statesville was established before the war.

  3. Hi Hilary,

    There are several books out about the history of Mooresville. Cindy Jacobs is a local historian and author and would be an excellent person to contact for more information!


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