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A Lake Norman Sanctuary: A Classic Lake House with a Craftsman Feel

Lake Norman waterfront estate with a Craftsman feel

One of the perks of being a Realtor is being able to tour and even sell so many incredibly beautiful homes. I have found over the years that certain houses just speak to me; whether it is the positive Feng Shui or just my own personal taste I don’t honestly know.

Case in point: the other day it was simply beautiful so I decided to drive all over the Lake Norman waterfront neighborhoods snapping pictures of anything wonderful that caught my eye. When I drove by the house in the photo above I stopped, turned around and took a number of photos. This “stunning home is nestled into the landscape, creating a connection with nature while simultaneously honoring rich architectural traditions…”. This was the only actual house I took a picture of all day.

Imagine my surprise when I was flipping through the most recent copy of our greater Charlotte House Trends Magazine and found a full 12-page article about this very house! Entitled: “Coming Full Circle…Couple seeks change of pace along the shores of Lake Norman.”  (This publication is no longer in business.)

When I read the words “Perfect Harmony” and saw the beautiful interior photos of this house I was instantly reminded of the incredible Arts and Crafts era homes I sold for 15 years while in Pasadena CA before moving to Lake Norman in 2005.

Probably the greatest honor I had was listing and selling the internationally renowned “The Blacker House“; the 1907 Arts and Crafts masterpiece by architects Charles and Henry Greene. (Brad Pitt took photos in the book written about its restoration by the man I sold it to!).

It took over 200 craftsman, using 17 different kinds of wood, from Honduras Mahogany to ebony to Port Orford Cedar, to create this 12,000 square foot masterpiece. I literally became a docent of the home as I was selling a piece of living art.

The greater Pasadena area was a haven for turn of the century Art and Crafts homes, from modest two-bedroom bungalows to grand estates. Selling these homes taught me so much about architecture, especially how it relates to nature.

Here in Lake Norman, many of our local builders are just beginning to embrace this concept, as exemplified by the lovely home I discovered and photographed above.

Need a little inspiration? You don’t have to travel farther than Asheville’s The Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa to see the real thing including incredible Craftsman furniture and accessories throughout.

If you are interested in the Arts and Crafts look but own a more typical Lake Norman home, there are ways to add wonderful touches to your home without changing your existing architecture:

Mission or Craftsman style furniture modeled after preeminent Stickley furniture as seen in this dining room from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation’s Catalogue


Or, enjoy the incredible selection of stunning William Morris Lamps with custom made mica shades of various shapes with leaf patterns to dragon flies to flowers like the popular iris’s of the Craftsman era.


Beautiful Arroyo Craftsman Lighting which offers hand made lighing of all kinds to suit your exact specifications has a wonderful selection of styles, sized, finishes and types of glass.  They are made to order and well worth the wait!

The Wooden Stone located on Main Street in Davidson has some wonderful custom furniture like Morris Chairs. Or, you can shop on line and get some of the most exquisite Craftsman furniture, lighting, rugs, and accessories to give your home a unique and timeless look.

So, next time you hear a builder talk about their “Craftsman” homes you know what to look for! If it isn’t all there I would be happy to help you pick out the perfect Arts and Crafts amenities to make your home unique and special.


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