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An Update on Lake Norman Area Water Restrictions

Lake Norman shoreline during 2007 drought

If you look at this picture and don’t notice something is wrong then I’m guessing you don’t live in Lake Norman, or for that matter, the entire Charlotte region. Water is what is missing…about 6 feet of water to be exact. In the picture above from the Charlotte Observer, the water would normally reach to the trees! While I like to focus on good news, I did feel it is important to provide the very latest news regarding water restrictions around the Lake Norman area.

On September 10th, the Charlotte Observer wrote a very comprehensive article: Drought of 2007 which provides details about both county and town water restrictions. Dan Tierey, our lake expert at the Charlotte Observer, also writes about the new and increased hazards for boaters caused by the low water levels in that same September 10th issue of the Neighbors of Lake Norman.

If you have a private well, as I and many people who live by the lake do, you may want to read my post on well water: What You Should Know About Lake Norman’s Water Supply. And, if you are looking for links related to Lake Norman and it’s surrounding communties:

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The good news is that this is obviously a very rare drought condition and that water levels are expected to be back to normal in several months. We had our first good rain several days ago and I can already see grass and plants coming back to life! I do miss the September ritual of aerating, feeding and overseeding of our lawns but if all goes well we can think about that in October. In the meantime, enjoy our cooler weather and pray for rain!


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