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Best Real Estate Lake Norman is Back and Improved!

Lake Norman Boat Launch at Stumpy Creek

Over a month ago, on a Monday afternoon, I went to log in to my blog to finish my post on Lake Norman’s October real estate sales when I discovered to my horror that my entire blog was gone. After checking other real estate blogs throughout the country that I knew used the same host/server/designer as I, we all realized the server had crashed and the company was gone! For all intents and purposes almost two years worth of my Lake Norman related real estate and community articles were gone.

That launched a saga filled with more drama than you need to know or I’m sure care about. But, today I am thrilled to be back writing on my blog…with all 243 articles saved and the entire site re-designed and ready for an exciting future. You will notice some missing pictures and a few links that may not function but all of those will be completely fixed in the next several weeks.

So, what did I miss writing about this past month or more?

  • One heck of a presidential election
  • The amazing ups and downs of the stock market
  • The national economic crisis = depression = bailout (s)
  • Lake Norman real estate updates and Friday Hotsheets
  • The official beginning of the widening of Brawley School Road!
  • The opening of our new Bloom Market on Dec. 2nd!
  • The Town of Mooresville’s annual Christmas Parade
  • Thanksgiving
  • The Annual Davidson Christmas which was awesome!
  • Most of the best of the Catawba Valley Potter’s kiln sales
  • NASCAR’s annual Stocks for Tot’s event in Mooresville
  • What I have learned about our local Lake Norman area real estate market while selling several homes and listing several others.

Wow, what a time to be mum! While I won’t go back and talk about events that have long since passed, I will be writing about the November real estate numbers for the greater Lake Norman area and providing insight into the state of our local housing market. I will also catch you up on new businesses that have opened and construction and development news as well.

The Art of Martket You


I would like to extend a huge thank you to marti garaughty of The Art of Marketing You who gathered a team of experts and spent countless days and weeks reconstructing and redesigning my blog. The result is exciting and the future even more so!

Thank you all for your patience and for visiting my site. The RSS Feeds and Subscribe features now function so please sign up and I will do my best to provide you quality news and analysis of my beloved Lake Norman and its housing market.


8 thoughts on “Best Real Estate Lake Norman is Back and Improved!

  1. Hi Diane, I see you’ve already got things under way. It’s great to see your blog back online and thanks so much for asking me to do this project with you.

    It was a challenge and a lot of work but definitely worth the effort. We make a great team!

  2. Diane and Marti – BEAUTIFULLY done!! I love this new look and design, and I know you’re going to enjoy being back up and running. May none of this ever happen again to any of us!

    Congrats on the new look – it’s terrific!

  3. Kate Elim says:

    Hi Diane…Congratulations on your “new” blog. I love the look.

    Perhaps this is an example of something very good coming out of something very bad.


  4. Yes! It’s back!

    Diane, I can not begin to imagine the knot in your stomach that formed when you realized your host was gone, and along with them, your blog.

    I’m so happy to see this back and know that your readers are also!

    Great job, and thank you to Marti also 🙂

  5. Goodness. What a disaster. A disaster, by the way, that any of us could experience at any time.

    You were fortunate to be able to retrieve and save your content.

    I’ve been fighting an insidious virus for the past month and, while I have my back-up computer to use this week, my fingers are crossed that the virus is as “gone” as my tech says it is.

    We are victims of the perfidy of evil people who have no life.


  6. Diane- Wow, I didn’t know the whole Company was gone- you are so lucky. I tried to get someone just to go to my admin panel and change a couple things and couldn’t. You and Marti have saved and redesigned the whole thing. I am very happy for you. marti saved me and designed my blog also, so I know how he works. He is very talented and his communication is top notch.
    Again Congratulations on the relaunch of your Blog 🙂

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