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Brawley School Road Widening has begun!

It started a few weeks ago when tree crews were out cutting down and clearing sections along parts of Brawley School Rd.

At first I wasn’t sure what was happening so I talked with a few of the businesses along Brawley School Road. Medicap Pharmacy told me they had to be in their new location on Stutts Road by the second week in December and Cheyl Lynn’s Dry Cleaners began construction to remove the front half of their building and reconfigure their existing building so that their business can stay where it is.

Within a week or so, most of the land near the utility lines had been cleared and utility crews had begun installing new poles and lines. As of today they were working near Isle of Pines Rd, at the intersection of Canvas Back Road, in front of the Brawley Middle School and in various sections in-between.

As much as we all dread what lies ahead during the three-year period it is supposed to take to widen Brawley School Rd to four lanes with a median divide or 5 lanes depending on the section, I must admit it is exciting to finally see the work begin!.

The state’s plan to widen 5.9 miles of Brawley School Rd from U.S. 21 to Chuckwood Rd. includes relocating 11 residences and 8 businesses because of the unprecedented 120-foot right-of-way acquistion.

The Material Depot has already moved to the old David’s Garden site.

And, just to make things more interesting, a “Future Home of Bloom” market sign was placed across the street from Fast Phils about a month ago and I noticed they have started to demolish the small house located on the site just today.

Hold on fellow residents of Brawley School Peninsula…we are in for a wild ride. Just keep reminding yourself that it’s going to be wonderful in 2011!


Brawley School Road Widening to  Include Bike Lanes and Grass Median

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One thought on “Brawley School Road Widening has begun!

  1. mary sauer says:

    Will DOT remove the rusty milk truck located near Isle of Pines Road during the construction process and the old trailer/mobile home and stuff at Isle of Pines? Thanks Mary

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