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Brawley School Road Widening: Lastest Update from NCDOT 7/15/11!

Lake Norman''s Brawley School Widening

Anyone who has been driving around Brawley School Rd. in the past week or so has most certainly noticed all of the paving that has been going on during the day resulting in even worse and excruciatingly frustrating traffic delays.  After sitting for almost an hour trying to get out the other day I once again leaned on my friend Mooresville Town Commissioner Miles Atkins for some help trying to figure out what in the heck is going on!

Well, I just got off of the telephone with John Cook, the Resident Engineer of the North Carolina Department of Transportation who has been responsible for oversight of our most challenging Brawley School Rd widening project.  It turns out that after having discovered that night-time paving wasn’t progressing as quickly as possible Rea Construction decided to do DAYTIME paving 6 days a week until the project is completed.  Too bad no one told us, don’t you think?

Anyway, the latest goal for completion of the paving is the first week of August.  After the paving is complete they will do the final painting/striping and installation of reflectors.  “The goal“, according to John Cook, “is to have the traffic in the final pattern before school starts the last week of August“.

Of course, we have been told many completion dates over the years but I am really hoping this one will stick.  Until then, remember when planning any travel around Brawley School Rd that there will be work going every day on Monday – Saturday during the day and to expect delays all day long.  Then if you luck out and breeze right down the road you will be totally surprised!

Want to speak with Mr. Cook?  He has said to call him directly any time:

John R. Cook

Resident Engineer

Statesville Resident’s Office, Division 12

Ph: (704) 876-3543

Fax: (704) 876-6065

Now, who is going to host the celebration when it is actually completed?  I think we deserve a party!


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