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Brawley School Road Widening Update May 2011!


After hearing increasing levels of frustration from so many of my Lake Norman friends, neighbors and past clients who, like me, live down Brawley School Rd. in Mooresville I started seeking out concrete information about the current work and completion date.  The North Carolina Department of Transportation was not helpful nor were the Facebook pages dedicated to Brawley School Road.

So, I turned to my friend and Mooresville Town Commissioner Miles Atkins for assistance and he came through for us!

Commissioner Atkins, 

Per our phone conversation yesterday, I spoke with John Cook, the construction engineer for NCDOT that is assigned to the Brawley School Road project. Starting next week, the construction crews will be applying the top coat (1 inch) to the Williamson Road approaches as well as Brawley School Road. NCDOT’s ultimate goal for this project is to have two lanes each way, four lanes total in operation from Chuckwood Road to Williamson Road by July 15, 2011. The construction crews will continue to work during the day to complete the project. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

 Neil Burke, AICP

Transportation Planner

Town of Mooresville

PO Box 878

Mooresville, NC 28115

(704) 663-2891

So there you have it!  I imagine it will be a bit crazy as they move our lanes around but with Lake Norman schools almost out for the summer we might actually be able to say the worst is behind us.  (Yes, I am choosing to be optimistic). You heard it first here on Lake Norman Real Estate’s blog!


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