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Catawba Valley C.C. “Potters’ Workshop” with Renowned Potter Kim Ellington

Kim Ellington Vase
How would you like to be able to learn how to make pottery  from the man who made this one, renowned Catawba Valley Potter Kim Ellington? Yes, I said make, not buy!  For the past two years Kim has been working with the Catawba Valley Community College developing a pottery school “relevant to this area’s long standing Catawba Valley pottery tradition”.  His vision came to fruition last August with the launch of  Catawba Valley Potters’ Workshop, an ongoing series of 10-week classes for beginners as well as experienced potters.


Anyone who knows me or has been reading this blog for a while understands that I have a passion for Catawba Valley Pottery which I discovered and started collecting shortly after moving to Lake Norman in 2005.  So, the thought of being able to learn how to create pottery using this local tradition as a foundation and by an exceptionally talented artist like Kim Ellington is, well, exciting to say the least! 

In keeping with Catawba Valley’s pottery traditions, the Potters’ Workshop will be held, according to Kim,  in “a fantastic 5000 sq ft facility…that now provides a natural, creative environment located in the midst of the historical Catawba Valley pottery making community….The equipment for the Potters’ Workshop was purchase using donations from individuals in the local community, furniture was built on site from local timber, pots are made using North Carolina clay, inspiration and influence is provided by the local Catawba Valley pottery tradition.”  One exceptional treat in the upcoming series beginning on July 11th is a wood firing in the Hart Square  groundhog kiln!

So what does this have to do with Lake Norman Real Estate?  Well, not much.  But, if you are considering a move to Lake Norman I do believe it is important to learn about the local history, especially the arts.  And, to those of you reading this who already live in the Lake Norman area, did you know that North Carolina is known for it’s pottery?

There are many wonderful books already in print about North Carolina Pottery and even Catawba Valley Pottery.  One favorite of mine, which features Kim Ellington, is The Potter’s Eye: Art and Tradition in North Carolina Pottery.

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