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How my sick cat reminded me of why I am a Realtor

Cat I came so close to loosing my dear “Mr. Kitty” this week. Not because he was so sick, but because of a Vet who lacked confidence, experience, and the understanding of just how important it is to empower her clients with the knowledge necessary to make the best decisions during tough times.Woman scratching head

I took 19-year-old Mr Kitty to my regular vet in Mooresville on Thursday because he had virtually stopped eating. I knew he had lost a lot of weight over the past 6 months and that his quality of life was likely to diminish at any time. I had already made the decision that I would not put him through extensive medical treatment since he was so old.

The vet that saw him was not my regular doctor, but rather a young woman who looked to be fresh out of school. She checked over Mr. Kitty and when I suggested his mouth might be bothering him she tried but was unable to get a good look at it.

Sensing my reluctance to do any medical procedures she sent us on our way with some antibiotics and the expectation that Mr. Kitty was in his last days and just to keep him as comfortable as possible.


This morning my husband noticed that Mr. Kitty had a very loose tooth and decided we should take him to the emergency animal hospital in Huntersville to at least have them look at the tooth (his last:) if not remove it.

The doctor who treated him, also a young woman, exuded confidence and professionalism and immediately took control. She told us that it was her professional responsibility to recommend that he have tests for kidney failure, thyroid, and also carefully examined his tooth and said she could extract it while we waited using a very low dose of gas to put him under just long enough to get the tooth out.

Within an hour, all of the tests were completed, the tooth extracted and we were on our way home with some medication and a cat that could live for quite a while and who was even purring and eating by the time we got home.

Two different doctors and two entirely different outcomes.

But is this not also the case with Realtors? A good agent will provide their expertise, knowledge and direction while instilling trust; enabling their clients to be empowered to make the best decisions for them based upon the best information available to them. We should never be afraid to tell our clients the truth or give our honest opinions and guidance based upon our expertise. Whether it is choosing the best listing price (NOT the highest) or making sure a buyer doesn’t overpay, it is our professional responsibility to tell our clients the truth, not what they want to hear.

No, we aren’t doctors and no one’s life is depending upon us. However, buying a home is a huge decision and one that should be made with the help and guidance of a Realtor who is strong enough and knowledgeable enough to be honest and straightforward, especially during these tough times.


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Lake Norman Buyers: What you should know about Agent Bonuses!

About Diane Aurit

Something about Diane

Diane B. Aurit

Welcome! I am so glad you stopped by to see what is happening in our wonderful Lake Norman area.

You will probably find that I write quite enthusiastically about Lake Norman and about life here. That is because I am writing through the eyes of someone who discovered, fell in love with and just up and moved to Mooresville Lake Norman in 2005 for no other reason than my husband and I decided it was the ultimate place in the country to live.

If you know the old adage “There is no substitute for experience,” I have found that this definitely applies to all of my real estate services. My extensive marketing background, years in real estate that have encompassed a diversity of locations, economic markets, price ranges, types of housing, cultures, ethnicitys, ages and personalities of clients, comprise the foundation upon which I build all of my customized real estate services.

But, honestly, there is only one thing that truly motivates me: I care. I care about every one of the clients I choose to work with and I do my absolute best to represent them, support them and educate them; designing their real estate experience to best suit their needs and meet their goals.

Just the Facts

  • Full-time licensed REALTOR since 1991 specializing in residential sales
  • Certified Residential Specialist (CRS)
  • Certified Green Professional
  • Green Specialist 
  • EcoBroker Certified
  • Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES)
  • Graduate REALTORS Institute (GRI)
  • At Home with Diversity National Certification from the National Association of Realtors
  • Designated Relocation Specialist
  • Member, Historic Real Estate Program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • Member of the Charlotte Real Estate Association, North Carolina Association of REALTORS and the National Association of REALTORS
  • Community Involvement includes: Treasurer of the Board of Directors of SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now) Center of Iredell County; President of the Mooresville/Lake Norman Exchange Club; Founding member of the Mooresville Museum; Member of the Mooresville Artist Guild; Committee Member of the annual “Stocks for Tots” (NASCAR related) fundraiser and the Annual “Cotton Ketchie Arts Festival”.
  • B.A. in English; University of California, Berkeley
  • Married with two children
  • Just for fun: Cycling around Brawley School Road, gardening; boating; collecting North Carolina pottery (especially Catawba Valley); my cats and going GREEN!

While establishing my real estate practice in Mooresville, NC I realized that I was immediately drawn to the many people from all over the country who are relocating here, whether by choice or for jobs.

Having lived in California, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey and now North Carolina, I can find common ground with just about anyone relocating to our Lake Norman area. I know exactly what it is like to relocate here from personal experience so am able to guide my clients through the process. It is what I love to do!

Posted on 2007-11-12 @ 3.13:35 pm by Diane Aurit
About Diane Aurit

What do Diane’s Clients and Fellow Agents have to Say?

What I truly hate about real estate is the fact that I have to sell myself. I simply love marketing properties but I feel SO uncomfortable trying to tell people why they should want to work with me. So, instead, here is a list of what some of my clients have written:

  • Diane, I wanted to thank you again for your assistance in helping Jenifer and myself with the purchase of our new home in Denver NC. We were worried about the logistics of trying to relocate from California within such a short time frame. We were very impressed that you were able to meet our needs with ease. We were simply amazed that you were able to schedule and show us 15 houses in one day. We were equally impressed with your depth of knowledge about the real estate industry and the advice that you were able to provide us with based on that. Your professionalism and attention to detail throughout the entire purchase process was exceptional. I honestly don’t think that we would have been able to meet our time frame without your help and support. We will continue to refer our friends and colleagues to you with the assurance that they will be well taken care of. Thanks, Christian and Jenifer.
  • Dear Diane, Moving is just the most exhausting and stressful time for any family. Carl and I have done this task more times than we would like to count. Having said that, we’re so fortunate to have met you. You’re an amazing person and a great Realtor. Within one afternoon you were able to determine the exact wants and needs we were after in our new home here in Mooresville. The time and energy that you put into finding our new home was above and beyond the realm of your job. Spending time with you looking for our home was just an extreme pleasure. You made us feel like we were your only responsibility. We couldn’t be happier with our lovely new home. Saying thank you doesn’t cover how we feel about our experience working with you but that’s all I can say, so thank you so very much. Take care and stay in touch. Carl and Judy
  • Thank you for your wonderful work on behalf of the church in marketing the five historic homes that comprise the Ross Grove Historic District. You provided sound advice and represented the church impeccably from our initial discussions through the closing of the last house. Thank you for your organization, responsiveness and proactive communication throughout the sales process. You handled every detail of these complicated transactions with professional ease and through your efforts provided good sales prices to the church. Mathew Morgan, Secretary of the Board, Worldwide Church of God
  • Many thanks, Diane, for all the work you did to make this sale possible. Three contracts in order to sell one house; you really earned your money! Thanks too for all of the footwork, the ads, the caravans and all of the other things I didn’t hear or think about. I appreciate it all but mostly I really appreciate your professional attitude and your gracious willingness to do the small tasks that aren’t a whole lot of fun–like accompany the bee exterminator in the rain! Thanks! Sandra Tasca
  • Diane, We would like to thank you for helping us find our new home and for working so hard to do it. We are so happy at Conistan! Sincerely, Jamie and Ben
  • I recently closed on a house in which your company represented me as the buyer. My agent was Diane Aurit. I am writing this letter to let you know what a fabulous job she did for me. Since I am very particular about what I wanted it took over a year to find the right house. In that time we encountered many disappointments in which the transactions fell through. During this period, Diane’s dedication never wavered. She maintained the highest levels of integrity and professionalism. Diane is a rare person and should be considered a great asset to your company. David Gould
  • We appreciated everything you did to make sure we ended up with the house of our dreams!…I don’t think anything could have prepared us for all the twist and turns, ups and downs, but you were there for us and helped us keep things in perspective…We absolutely LOVE our house! Suzanne and Joe Paul
  • Thank you – its been great to work with such a professional and nice person…we look forward to years ahead of friendship.
  • Diane, we could not have made it without your advice, expertise…thanks for pushing us when we needed it and for putting up with all of my problems!
  • Thanks to you, I have a home. You’ve done what some said was impossible!
  • Diane is truly amazing…she made the process most enjoyable?
  • Thorough, honest, pleasant, very professional, always willing to help. Diane is extremely thoughtful.
  • Diane was very sensitive to and knowledgeable about our situation…I would strongly recommend her.
  • Did not waste our time with “salesmanship”…found and showed us property that suited us.
  • She is professional and friendly. Non-intrusive, sincere, followed up and a delightful person
  • Diane really extended herself to ensure that all transactions were handled efficiently
  • Communication, candor, professionalism, knowledge, “can do” attitude
  • Attention to detail, thoroughness in her explanations of real estate procedures, her professionalism and pleasant demeanor

And, the one comment that really stuck and became my motto:

Professionalism with a personal touch

From Realtors:

  • They (his clients) have been really impressed with your work. I’m happy to have found a top notch agent for them. Their new home sounds wonderful. Thanks for all of your efforts. Jim Dolan
  • Dear Diane, Thank you so much for all your help with Pintail, Canvasback and Fair Oaks Open Houses…I really appreciate your professionalism and most of all your genuine effort and willingness to help. I realize you’re very seasoned and it takes great commitment and courage to move across the country and start your business over again….its square one again or deja vu. Your knowledge, tenacity and professional attitude will serve you well to once again be successful. You have my utmost in respect and appreciation…You’re a winner! Laura Ferguson
  • As a seller, I loved: feedback from my agent about buyers/other agent’s response to showings, reassurance from my agent that my responses to offers were reasonable, updates from my agent about….I’m not sure that I really always remembered how important immediacy and timing is to a seller. Reassurance about the appropriateness of decisions is vital…All of these things represent ‘value added’ element which makes me believe the transaction was “fun”, commissions were deservedly earned, and my agent is professional, knowledgeable and my friend! (I listed and sold my broker’s father’s home after he passed away and this was part of a letter that she wrote to her owner/broker partner about her experience).