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Caution: Lake Norman Water Levels Unusually Low Due to Drought

Lake Norman water levels September 2015


Our recent moderate drought has hit Lake Norman particularly hard.  Today, according to Duke Energy’s daily lake level chartour lake is at 94.3 almost 4 feet below the target of 98.  If you look at the chart you will notice that Duke Energy has lowered Lake Norman’s level well below the other 16 lakes of the Catawba, Keowee-Toxaway & Broad River.  My guess is this may be in part because we have our dam so they are better able to control our levels and are allowing other lakes to retain more water in case the drought doesn’t end soon.

The wonderful photo above was shared by one of my new favorite Lake Norman blogs:  homeiswheretheboatis.net  in which readers are treated to fun and stunning photos of and articles about her dogs, food/recipes, home decor & decorating ideas, and life in Lake Norman.

I love this photo because it captures the different colors of the rocks and the exposed shoreline’s red soil to help you appreciate how 4 feet impacts Lake Norman’s shoreline.  What we call “full pond” or 100 is most likely level with the top of these rocks.  The light grey rocks then mark the 98′ line which is clearly dry most of the year.  The dark rocks are usually submerged as is the soil.  I guess the good news is that everyone has a beach right now!

What are the other impacts?  Floating docks now have steep ramps and some are even sitting on mud.  Plus, public access ramps around Lake Norman have been closed because there is not enough water to launch boats.  The boating public has also been warned to use extra caution due to possible hazards that are normally under water like sand bars and shoals.

Of course, this too shall pass but it is important for any of you considering buying a waterfront home to understand our lake levels and measure the depth of water at your dock before buying so that you know how you will be impacted when Lake Norman’s lake levels do go down.  I carry a tape measure with me when showing waterfront property just for that purpose.

Image of Lake Norman and private dock

Here is a beautiful photo of Lake Norman which shows a stationary dock and just how far down the water is from their boat.  But still, look at how beautiful the lake is and the crystal clear water!

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