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December is THE month for Catawba Valley Pottery Kiln Sales!

Catawba Valley Kiln Firing

I must admit that I write this post with mixed emotions. On the one hand I want everyone to know about my favorite hobby, collecting Catawba Valley pottery, but on the other hand, the more people that learn about these sales the less likely I will get to choose a really good piece of pottery!

So, it is with great personal sacrifice that I letting you all know that in the next three weeks almost every great potter in Catawba Valley will be having a kiln sale at their homes. Not all of the potters have announced yet but here is what I know so far:

This Saturday, December 1, 2007:

Joe Reinhardt is having his annual kiln sale at 10:00a.m. at his home on Cat’s Square just down from Burlon Craig’s place. Arrive at 9:00 to preview…numbers will be drawn at 10:00. This is Joe’s only kiln sale each year and he is one of my favorites!

Saturday, December 8th, 2007:

Gary Mitchell is having his kiln at 10:00am and

Steve Abee is having his sale at his home in Lenoir at 2:00p.m. Steve does some incredible swirl pieces!

Saturday, December 15th:

Kim Ellington will be holding his kiln sale at his home on NC10 at 10:00a.m. and

AV Smith is holding his sale at 12:00 noon in Hickory.

Information on all of these sales can be found on: Catawba Valley Pottery which is a great website created by Steve Abee. It also has some wonderful history and pictures about Catawba Valley Pottery.

Remember, all of these potters sell by a lottery system: they have a pot full of numbers and each attendee picks one. The number you pick determines when you get to choose your piece. If you get a low number it is really exciting because you are one of the first to choose. But, if you pick a high number in some cases you won’t even get one piece! Arrive early to preview the whole selection and keep a note of several of your favorite pieces as you may not get your first or even second choice.

See you on Saturday!


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2 thoughts on “December is THE month for Catawba Valley Pottery Kiln Sales!

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  2. Wes Long says:

    Hi, I’ve owned a BB Craig 4 gallon jug for years now. I really know nothing much about it & have spent this Sunday morning reading Craig’s history & looking for information on the piece I own. I stumbled across your site & have been looking at some of the potters carrying on the tradition. I’d like to attend a kiln sale at some point, sounds like a great time. Any sites you can point me to that will explain in depth the different items Mr. Craig created would be of great help. I’d very much like to determine the approximate date my piece was made. It’s a blackish glaze & has the number 4 marked on it twice below and above right on one of the handles. I can’t see that it’s signed anywhere other than the 4 marks that appear. Thanks for your site & any information you can provide. I’m a real estate appraiser, no longer fee, I have managed in tax appraisal for Meck County for more than a decade & currently live in Gaston County.

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