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Going Green in Lake Norman is no Longer a Lonely Experience!

Being Green used to be lonely in Lake Norman!

It used to be that going green was a bit lonely in the Lake Norman area. We have no curbside recycling. We have no Eco Star Green housing communities. But, a huge green wave is heading our way and you can already feel the swells!

Saving Our Kids, Healing our Planet

One of the most exciting upcoming events is the 2008 Saving Our Kids, Healing Our Planet National Expo being held at the Charlotte Convention Center on September 26-28, 2008. The over 150 Exhibits will offer:

  • Learn how to raise healthy children in a toxic world
  • Safe, effective and natural products and services that positively impact various physical, behavioral and developmental conditions
  • Green builders, landscapers, healthy household products,, organic foods and clothing, vitamins and more
  • Kid-Friendly demonstrations on recycling, composting, and juicing
  • Practical ways to green an existing home

What an wonderful event not just for our Lake Norman parents but for anyone interested in learning more about ways to improve your children, your family and your home. Their website: Saving Our Kids, Healing our Planet has a comprehensive list of events, activities and information about registration.

While not a public event, the North Carolina Home Builders Association is holding their annual Expo at the Charlotte Convention Center in a couple of weeks. Since their focus is also on green real estate I plan to bring back some great resources and ideas for my Lake Norman buyers, sellers and readers. As I member of the Lake Norman Home Builders Association’s new Green Council it is clear that the green real estate wave is heading our way fast!

Lake Norman Island

Want to get involved or learn more NOW? Why not join Lake Norman CoveKEEPERS orthe Lake Norman Island Keepers, two groups of volunteers dedicated to “the protection of Lake Norman…”. How would you and your organization or a group of friends like to adopt one of the 48 islands in Lake Norman? Or, would you like to participate in the efforts to protect our beautiful lake? Call 704.679.9494 for more information.

Would you be interested in joining a Green “Meetup” in the Mooresville Lake Norman area? If you go to the website you will see that there are three of us already interested in starting a Mooresville “Green” group of like-minded people who want to “meet up” on a casual basis to share ideas about our “green” efforts mostly related to housing and real estate. I would be happy to host it if we get a few more people to join.

As you can tell, green housing is becoming a passion of mine. Look for future articles about what you can do at home to save energy, excellent resources for learning more about everything from how to read eco-labels, where and how to recycle, products and green ratings for appliances, cars, home and garden, and even a guide to landscaping for energy efficiency in your home. When you think of Lake Norman Real Estate, think GREEN!


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