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Historic Downtown Mooresville: Mangan Martial Arts Academy

When I first met Bob Mangan, he was a guest speaker at my Mooresville Lake Norman Exchange Club. Knowing that our club’s main focus is on the prevention of child abuse, he came to speak to us about a self-defense program called Kids Safe. When I met with him recently to learn more about his Mangan Martial Arts Academy I discovered that his passion for teaching children self-defense has grown out of a life-time involvement in the Martial Arts including competition in numerous forms from Karate to Kick-boxing to TaeKwon-Do since 1974!

Sensei Bob Mangan has been teaching Martial Arts in the Mooresville Lake Norman area since 1997 but he opened the Mangan Martial Arts Academy on Main Street in Historic Downtown Mooresville just this past April. What a great addition to our growing downtown!

The Mangan Martial Arts Academy offers classes in four age groups:

Little Ninjas: Ages 4-5

Karate Kids: Ages 6-10

Warriors: Ages 11-15

Adults: Ages 16 & Up

Classes are held twice a week or more depending on the age group beginning at 4:30 during the week and on Saturday mornings.

I observed the Karate Kids in action! The tall girl with the black belt is Sensei Bob’s daughter who helps with the classes when available.

The adult classes are particularly popular with women of all ages who have a desire to learn basic self-defense.

It was clear from the moment Bob and I started talking that his desire to teach is as much about improving a child’s self esteem, self confidence, self discipline and a positive mental attitude as it is about learning the physical aspects of the martial arts.

Bob shared that he tells his students, before they step on the mat and enter the class, to imagine that they are holding a very heavy tea cup. This tea cup is full of whatever problems, worries or other things that may be weighing on their minds. Then he tells them to imagine throwing all of the contents of the tea cup out so that when they step on to the mat their minds are clear and calm. They have entered a space where they leave the world behind and concentrate only on the class.

What a great teacher for children and adults! For more information you can go to his website: Mangan Martial Arts Academy or drop by the Academy located at 158 North Main Street in Downtown Mooresville. 704.799.3645.


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