Relocating? Life in Lake Norman

How a dying boy’s story conveys the essence of life in Lake Norman

Lake Norman Dock at sunrise

I had been thinking for several days about my next blog in which I was going to write about what it is like to live in Mooresville, Lake Norman and the greater Charlotte area; then I read an article in the Sunday edition of the Charlotte Observer about a brave boy named Nate Mertens. Nate’s tragic story conveys the essence of the people and character of our community better than I ever could. Clearly, the Charlotte Observer thought so too as the title of the article was: Dying boy, 14, inspired circle of friendship. Teen from Calif. was treated in Charlotte; family decides to stay.

Nate Mertens was here visiting his father when he was diagnosed with leukemia. His mother flew out from California to Charlotte where she would stay with her son . “That began a ride of ups and downs as a concentric circle of strangers – who would become friends – closed in on the family”. The rest of the story describes Nate’s ability to serve as an inspiration throughout his five-month ordeal which ended in Lake Norman where on his last day he sat on a dock and looked out at the beautiful lake. It also describes the incredible kindness of strangers. As his mother said “I have never lived in a place where people were so gracious…When strangers learned my son was in the hospital they would ask his name so they could pray for him. It was’t a religious thing – it was a human thing.”

His mother and sister plan to stay in Charlotte and so do I.

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