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How to Get Your Lake Norman Home on Zillow (Despite CMLS)

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I recently wrote a post about the fact that our Carolina Multiple Listing Service had not come to an agreement with Zillow/Trulia and as of April 7th they were no longer sending our new Lake Norman listings to Zillow. So, over a month later, where do we stand and what is the reality of this severing of ties?

I was actually able to test it with a new waterfront listing of mine.  As always, I submitted it first to the Carolina MLS.  Again, as always, I created my new listing’s own website using VFlyer. (The QR Code above sends you to the site).  Within a day, I did a Google search for the address, 124 Sawyer Lane, and sure enough Zillow was the first result on page 1!

So, Zillow did make good on what I was told by a top executive months ago:  One way or another Zillow will find the data for new listings and put it on their website as quickly as possible.  Yep, their sure did! In this case, based upon the data I found on Zillow, they pulled it directly from my VFlyer website which I wrote so I know the information is accurate.  

But there is also a direct way for listing agents to put their listings on Zillow, Trulia and 20 other sites using a program called

Here is why I want my listings on Zillow and Trulia:

Share of desktop real estate Web market in February 20.64% 8.67% 8.61%

Source: Experian Marketing Services

Nationally Realtors continue to express concern about the accuracy of the data on Zillow and the desire to control their own listing data online.  While I am in the minority, I feel it is better to provide information directly to Zillow rather than have them pull the data from somewhere else. Realtors and our Carolina MLS who believe that if they don’t send our listing data directly to Zillow the listings simply won’t be on Zillow are clearly wrong.  The saga continues!

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