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Important Brawley School Rd Widening Update 6/13/11!

Lake Norman's Brawley School RD. Widening

Breaking news about Lake Norman’s infamous Brawley School Rd Widening Project just came to me from Mooreville Town Commissioner Miles Atkins.  It is clear that our frustrations are being heard and that then end is in sight!  Here it is in its entirety:

Mooresville Town Manager’s update to commissioners 6/13/11

Brawley School Road:

After last Friday’s fiasco, I asked Carl and Neil to talk to NCDOT concerning the project. Below is Neil’s recap of the conversation. I’ll put the paving schedule in your Friday packets.
Chief Robbins and I met with John Cook, the resident engineer for the Brawley School Road widening project this morning. I have attached a paving schedule with some notes for clarification. Rea will be paving 6 nights a week weather permitting, with night work beginning at 9 pm and ending at 6 am. Median work, mowing, clean up and other punchlist items will continue during the day. Once median work and night paving have been completed, two lanes in each direction will be open between Williamson Road and South Fork Road, with the expected completion date for paving of June 30. Inclement weather will prolong the night paving schedule beyond June 30 potentially.

NCDOT does not have a provision in the construction contract for plantings or median landscaping.  The signals have been tweaked multiple times and are operating correctly. The main issue that NCDOT has found on the side road approaches is not stopping directly on top of the loop detectors, which calls the signal and begins the green phase on the minor approaches. We suggested “Stop Here on Red” signage for some of these intersections.

It is anticipated that all traffic will be switched over to the new lanes on Section B (between Williamson Road and Talbert Road) on Tuesday, July 5 after 9 pm. This will include the new overpass over I-77, and the old bridge will subsequently be demolished and a the remaining northern half of the overpass will be completed at this time.

Mr. Cook provided a point of contact for Rea Construction, Mr. Drew Baucom and his number is 704-201-1248.

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