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Julia’s Talley House Restaurant; One of Lake Norman’s local treasures

Julias Tally House Restaurant in Troutman

To an outsider driving down Main Street in Troutman (on the northeast side of Lake Norman), population 1749, Julia’s Talley House Restaurant looks like just another charming older home in this quaint town. But, the locals know better! If you want to experience true, home-style Southern cooking in a cozy and even homey restaurant, there is simply no where better than Julia’s Talley House Restaurant.

Julia's Talley House Restaurant, Troutman Lake Norman

Like many of the great eateries frequented by mostly long-time local residents around Lake Norman, Julia’s has wonderful, truly authentic, family-style Southern food and is one of THE places to go if you are from around these parts. I only found out about it because my SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now) Board meetings are held there once of month. See, our board is half from Statesville (to the North) and Mooresville (to the South) so Julia’s Talley House is the perfect place to meet, have some crispy fried chicken, bisquits, mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet tea and pecan pie, and, of course, hold our meetings.

Julia's Talley House Restaurant, Troutman Lake Norman

Julia’s Talley House is a caffateria-style restaurant whose menu varies very little but offers all you need in the way of comfort food. The fried chicken is so good it was mentioned by Kathleen Purvis of the Charlotte Observer as one of the things that “define the flavor of Charlotte”!


Julia's Talley House Restaurant, Troutman Lake Norman

I don’t know how long Julia’s Talley House has been there but I do know it is still owned and operated by the family. There is a wonderful painting of Julia in the entry. The fact that it is located on the corner of Main and Talley Road tells me it has been there a LONG time!

One thing I have learned since moving here to Lake Norman from California is how important it is to get to know the locals. Not only are they warm, honest folks who care deeply for their community and it’s history, but they know all about the local restaurants that most people on Lake Norman will never find. They love food, especially good Southern food like you will find at Julia’s Talley House!

This is the first of a series about local eateries and shops…I have quite a list to share!


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