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Lake Norman Home Builders Launch “The Lake” Magazine

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The Lake Norman Home Builders Association launched a new quarterly magazine ”The Lake” this spring which, according to Larry Airey, Executive Officer of the Lake Norman Builders Association, “flew off the shelves”!

To substantiate that Lake Norman home builders are not just interested but taking action about “Green” building, their second issue of The Lake, Summer 2008, features the “Green Building Guide“. On February 14th of this year the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) released their “Model Green Homebuilding Guidelines” which are discussed in this feature article with great examples and insights from local builders.

As one who is interested in sustainable buiding, it was great to learn that the Lake Norman Home Builders Association has created their own “Green Building Council” which is “dedicated to educating and incorporating environmental considerations into every phase of the Lake Norman home building process.”

This article also outlines the guiding principles of green building:

  • Lot design, preparation and development
  • Resource efficiency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water efficiency
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Operation, maintenance and homeowner education
  • Global Impact

And, it goes on to interview Lake Norman Builders, some of whom are certified Green professionals, about their projects, their focus and their interpretation about how to implement these principles when building a home here in the Lake Norman area. I often read about green efforts nationally but this article goes into great depth with local builders.

Keeping in the green theme, there are two addtional articles “Green your home with these remodeling tips” and finally “Green Communities“.

I must say I am quite impressed with this new publication. The quality of the design, photography and local information provided to future and current home owners is top notch. Right now “The Lake” is available in magazine rack around Lake Norman but they are planning to have the ability to mail it directly to homes by the fall issue. I highly recommend that you get a copy before they run out!


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