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Lake Norman Home Buyers and Sellers, Our Drought is Officially Over!

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After about a year and a half, the greater Lake Norman area is now officially out of the few remaining drought areas in North Carolina according to the US Drought Management Advisory Council’s  data as of December 16, 2008!  Only the far western portion of our state has any water deficiencies:


Thanks to our most recent rains even the Lake Norman water levels are at 97.3 which is 1.3 feet above the “target level”.  (Remember that 100′ is “full pond” which is the highest level possible before they release water at the southern dam).

For those of us Lake Norman home owners with well water, it is reassuring that the water tables are also looking good.  Selling waterfront homes and lots on Lake Norman during the height of our water shortage over a year ago was truly challenging.  I remember some home buyers of mine arrived in the summer of 2007 to find that their boat lift was stuck in the mud!  It is amazing to me that one summer without hurricanes (2007) could impact the entire southeastern United States for such an extended period of time.

Lake Norman waterfront homeowners can relax and enjoy the holidays looking out at our beautifully FULL lake.


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  1. Diane, that is wonderful news! I know that living in a boaters wonderland that drought is damaging to the tourism industry as well as hazardous to crops and such.

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