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Lake Norman Homeowners, Do you need a permit to replace your water heater?


As the new year approaches, Lake Norman homeowners  will most likely be creating lists of things to do in 2012 that will include repairs or upgrades of our homes and gardens.  Many times we don’t stop to consider if a permit is needed, especially for minor repairs.

So, if you live in the Lake Norman area, or the entire state of North Carolina, you might be interested to know that the North Carolina General Assembly passed house bill HP-1409  which exempts from building permitting the replacement of a water heater. Here are a few of the stipulations:

  • Electrical, Plumbing or Mechanical work must be performed by a person licensed under G.S 87-43 or G.S. 87-21
  • The replacement of a water heater is the same capacity, location and energy source

This includes the repair or replacement of electrical lighting fixtures or devices ) receptacle and/or lighting switches, connection of an existing branch circuit to the electric water being replaced and the reconnection of the flue and gas supply to the replacement gas water heater.

When in doubt, contact your county building department!


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