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Lake Norman Lake Levels: Important Update 4/5/2017

Lake Norman Lake Levels down

4/25/2017 Update:  I just checked and Lake Norman’s lake levels are up to 99.4′ thanks to our significant rainfall in the past few days.  Duke Energy provided updates for smaller lakes with some potential for flooding: Duke Energy Site.  They did not include Lake Norman or Lake Wylie in this warning. 

Duke Energy posted this important update for Lake Norman on April 3rd:

03-APR-17 Lake Normans elevation is expected to be lower than customary this year from mid April through early June. This is in part due to the Catawba River Basin being in a Low Inflow Protocol LIP drought Stage 1. Planned maintenance work at McGuire Nuclear Station requires the elevation not to exceed 96.5 ft. Once the outage is completed, we may be able to move the elevation closer toward the late spring target level of 98 ft weather permitting. Please be aware these projections can change based on actual rainfall and changes to the drought stage. Please stay alert to changing weather conditions. Updated lake levels are available any time at and at 800-829-5253.

01-JAN-17 Catawba-Wateree River Basin Stage 1 drought was implemented November 1, 2016. Long-term dry weather conditions continue to persist. The community is asked to be mindful of its water use and consider conserving energy which also saves water. Residents who use water from a Duke Energy lake for lawn irrigation are asked to limit watering to Tuesdays and Saturdays. Updated lake levels are available any time at or by calling 800-829-5253. As always, we encourage those living along lakes, streams and other low-lying and flood prone areas to pay special attention to changing weather conditions and take any necessary precautions. We will provide updates if conditions change.

Today’s lake level: 96.4 ft. As of 04/05/2017 at 09:23AM


2 thoughts on “Lake Norman Lake Levels: Important Update 4/5/2017

  1. Laura Gagel says:

    Any reason the planned maintenance was not completed earlier in the year or towards the end of 2016? How will the lake refill itself doing the summer?

  2. Hi Laura,

    I don’t know why Duke decided to time the maintenance as they did or how they will increase our levels once they are done. I know that our water comes from run off from the mountains and the northern portions of the Catawba River. You might want to call Duke Energy and ask for someone to explain their planning process to you.

    Thank you!


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