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Lake Norman Real Estate: Is Mooresville Really Bucking the Recession?

Lake Norman isn't following the leader!

The other day I was finally able to try out one of Historic Downtown Mooresville’s latest additions;  JJ Wasabi’s …”An Asian Grill with an American Flairwhich has the same great food and fun atmosphere as its highly successful big sister “Joel’s Asian Grill & Sushi”  located on the Lake Norman side of Mooresville.  As I watched the young, rather hip looking staff dart from table to table I was struck by the diversity of the diners and the vibrant atmosphere that had been lacking in Downtown Mooresville since long before I moved to Lake Norman in 2005.

I remember my husband and my’s very first visit to Mooresville.  It was 3pm and we couldn’t find one place to even have a sandwich in our Historic Downtown!  Today, thanks to the tireless efforts of  the Town of Mooresville, investor/developer Howard Kosofsky and other passionate local residents, JJ Wasabi’s joins other exciting new businesses that have recently opened in Downtown including a mouth-watering bakery:  The Whirling Whisk Baking Company (who has truly awesome pastries, cookies, cupcakes and more),The Bathtub Gin, (a happening nighttime hangout offering “Good times. Good drinks. Good Friends.” including live music and free WiFi!) and one of my favorite Lake Norman restaurants The Daily Grind which will be opening their second location on Main St. soon as well.  When I look down Main Street and note the many refurbished buildings, lively storefronts, sidewalk and street improvements it is hard to believe we are in a recession.

According to a May 21, 2010 news article by, “Small business is booming and construction is continuing….” in Mooreville.  While this may be overstating the facts which include our high jobless rates,  the Mooresville Economic Development Corporation is focused on continuing their long-term success of recruiting new businesses to Mooresville. (In 2009, Mooresville was once again ranked #1 for micro-politan areas nationally after attracting a robust 20 economic development projects.  See excellent article in the Business Today’s April issue).

One of the biggest coups recently was the announcement by America’s Park LLC  that a site in Mooresville had been selected for a 25-field youth baseball complex that plans to host 8-11 year-olds and 13-year-olds for week-long tournaments from June through August.  This facility, which will be the largest of its kind in the US, will also offer a 4,000- 6,000 seat stadium and parking.  “The new Mooresville park won’t supplant Cooperstown Dream Park, but will supplement it, officials said.”  Because Cooperstown primarily serves as a tournament site for 12-year-olds, Mooresville will offer the other age groups.  It is estimated that it will bring in $35 Million annually according to a recent Mooresville Tribune article.  The camp is slated to be opened in 2012.  Move over NASCAR, baseball is coming to Mooresville!

While not nearly as high-profile,  The Town of Mooresville recently announced is will receive a grant from the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources to assist in the preparation of a National Register of Historic Places nomination for the Mooresville Mill Village.  (This revitalization will play a strong role in our Historic Downtown Mooresville area).

And, The Arbor Day Foundation recently named Mooresville NC a “Tree City USA”, a designation that ensures that our community has a viable tree management plan and program.

When one drives around Mooresville and Lake Norman, you get a sense that things are happening in so many different ways.  What impresses me the most is the number of projects that I drive by or through almost every day including the Brawley School Road widening.  (I had plenty of time to shoot this picture as I sat in the now typical afternoon traffic.)

The new Rite Aid that just opened at the corner of Brawley School Road and Williamson Road  features their company’s “Customer World” design which I have yet to check out but sounds great.

The new Lowe’s Foods has added quite a bit of the good kind of traffic to The Mooresville Town Square.

The work on our new Exit 35 is making astounding progress considering work started in late winter.  This is a photo I took yesterday looking north from the Brawley School Road Bridge over I-77.

So, while our real estate market still struggles and we have lost businesses during the past several years, there are many signs of a bright future throughout the Lake Norman and Downtown Mooresville.  If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you will know that I am not a Pollyanna type.  I sincerely believe that our Mooresville and entire Lake Norman area are doing remarkably well during very tough economic times and will continue to attract businesses and people from around the country for many years to come.

One of my out-of-state buyers once asked me if the communities around Lake Norman were small, sleepy towns.  Well,  I’m guessing you know my answer!


Hope Park in Mooresville Epitomizes the Giving Spirit of Lake Norman! 


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