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Lake Norman Real Estate: Lake Levels, Rain and Drought

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One of the most common questions I am asked, especially by my buyers relocating to the Lake Norman Area, is whether we have flooding, particularly our watarfront properties.

Another question, although not as prevalent these days as it was a year ago when Lake Norman’s water levels were quite low, is about our drought.

About Lake Norman’s Water Levels

If you are thinking about buying waterfront real estate on Lake Norman, the very best source of information about the lake’s water levels AND local drought conditions and water management is the Duke Energy website.

It is important for potential watarfront home owners to understand that Duke-Energy controls and monitors Lake Norman’s water levels which are updated about every 20 minutes on their website.

Full Pond is when “the water begins to spill over the flood gate or spillway. For the purposes of lake levels, we call this level 100 feet.”

Target levels are a forecast of where Duke-Energy expects water levels to be.

Actual is the very lates reading.

According to the reading as of the time of writing this post, Lake Norman’s actual reading is 97.5 and the target is 98.

The MAXIMIUM level is Full Pond. Duke-Energy controls excessive water levels by anticipating upcoming storms and lowering the lake levels slightly as they did during the past several tropical storms, AND by releasing water when levels rise about target levels. See Duke-Energy Lake Message for more information, updates and contact information.

Many of our waterfront homes on Lake Norman are just several feet above full-pond and to my knowledge have never experienced flooding caused by the high lake levels because once the levels hit 100 the water flows over the top of the flood gates or is released by Duke Energy. Always ask the seller for specifics about their home!)

Where flooding does occur in our area is in low-lying areas that are in flood zones or have watershed land next to their homes. It is important, before buying your Lake Norman home, to check with your insurance company to find out if the property is in a flood zone. This information may be disclosed by the seller as well on the NC Property Disclosure.

Update on our drought conditions

There was some very good news this week related to our drought conditions. Thanks to recent rains, Lake Norman is now in the beige area on this North Carolina Drought Map which means we have gone from Extreme Drought to Moderate Drought. Water restrictions have been eased by the counties surrounding Lake Norman. Duke Energy is allowing lake pump use 2 days a week through November 30, 2008. (See their Drought Update.)

We just got approximately 1.2? of rain in the past two days so things are looking good!

I try to check these sites on a regular basis and recommend that if you do so as well!


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