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Lake Norman Real Estate: Let’s have some fun!

It  is truly amazing how much I learned about Web 2.0,  social networking on the Internet and technology while working on this Lake Norman  real estate blog.

Once in a while I have a little fun while doing research for my real estate and Lake Norman area articles.  Okay, sometimes I have a lot of fun while working on my real estate articles!

I mean, really, doesn’t everyone need a photo with Lake Norman written on a golf ball or a head that says “LKN ROCKS”?

When I wrote my first post (article) for this blog I hardly knew how to add a picture to it let alone place the picture in the right spot, size it or modify it in any way.

It seems like just about every day I find some new, fun and creative website or tool. ImageChef and BigHUGELabs are two of my favorites…and they are free!

I used ImageChef to create all of these Lake Norman photos. You can write just about anything on a great selection of sign images, license plates, sports items, coffee cups, flowers and even etched in the sand. Warning: Once you get started it is really hard to stop so don’t visit this site unless you have lots of time!

BigHUGELabs is another really great site. It enables you to take digital photos and create all sorts of sorts of fun things from Jigsaw puzzles to artistic photo cubes to different types of framing as I used with this Lake Norman sunset photo.

 Okay, so tomorrow I’ll get back to the huge stack of research materials on Lake Norman Real Estate. In the meantime, have fun with these!


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