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Lake Norman Real Estate: The 2009 Race City “Wiener” Run is this Saturday!

The Red Baron

Meet The Red Baron.  He is one of the “Wiener”Run competitors in Mooresville this Saturday, September 26, 2009.  His training program is so stealth like that you might think he is sleeping but it is truly a cunning act to make the other Dachshunds think he is out of shape.

Like most folks, I always underestimated these small yet energetic dogs until I attended the annual Dachshund race in Mooresville.  It was truly amazing!  There were Dachshunds of all colors, sizes, and ages everywhere.

It turns out the races are quite serious, depending on the “age bracket”.  The puppies tend to wander out of the starting box looking absolutely adorable but totally confused.  The older dogs for the most part truly get the whole idea and run to their excited owners who are yelling at them from the finish line.  Here is a photo I took last year of the race in action:

Dachshunds running during Mooresville Weiner Race

 This truly is a great way to spend your Saturday morning, especially since the weather won’t be great for going out on Lake Norman.  Plus, all of the proceeds go to the Lake Norman Animal Rescue, a non-profit organization who is raising funds for the future Lake Norman Animal Shelter.

The Facts:

Date:  September 26, 2009

Time:  Registration begins at 9:30, races begin at 11:00am.  Get there early to get a good spot along the fence!

Location:  The public parking lot on Broad Street at Iredell Avenue in Historic Downtown Mooresville

Race Entrance Fee: $10

Who:  All dachshunds are eligible and will race according to age.

Besides the actual races there will be pet vendors, “I was there” T-shirts and all sorts of fun things.  Remember, this is a great cause!  For more information:

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