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Lake Norman Real Estate: Water Restrictions Lifted in Mecklenburg County!

Catawba River flowing down to Lake norman

 Thanks to our consistent rainfall this past winter and early spring, Mecklenburg County has lifted its 19-month restrictions of water use and the rest of the Lake Norman area counties are expected to follow.  Yes, it is now legal to water your lawns and wash your cars according to today’s article in the Charlotte Observer.  Although, conservation is always a good habit.  According to this article, single-family home water usage dropped 32% in Mecklenburg County since 2002.

This is today’s map from the North Carolina Drought Management Advisory Council.  Lake Norman falls in the white area which means normal conditions.  Yellow is Abnormally dry and beige is moderate drought.

Lake Norman Lake Levels today are at 98.2 with a “target” level of 96.9.  With higher water levels and all of our trees turning green and the Dogwoods and Azaleas in bloom this Easter weekend should be a spectacular day to be out on the lake!


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