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Lake Norman Real Estate: What kind of boat is this?

Helicoper on Lake Norman

 On our way to Cornelius one day in our trusty pontoon boat I happened to notice this peculiar looking boat!  Because Lake Norman is so large we have myriad types and sizes of boats from modest fishing dingys to jet skis to Cigarette boats. 

Tony Stewart's Lake Norman Party boat

 Lake Norman is even home to a few mega-party boats like this one owned by NASCAR race driver Tony Stewart:

Marina at The Peninsula Club on Lake Norman

At the Peninsula Yacht Club one can find a great example of the variety of boats on Lake Norman.

While I knew that there are helipads around Lake Norman and, of course, two airports, I still was quite amazed to see the helicopter above sitting on it’s own little dock right on the water.

I can’t wait for next summer!


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