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Meet our handsome Bengal “Zach” who weighs in at about 20 pounds! He is definitely the Alpha Male of our household but is also quite sweet and loving. Here he is with his brother Scooter.  We lost Scooter last year and miss him terribly!

Lake Norman real estate calendar photo


Zach is rather silly too!

Zach our Bengal Cat is upside down


We are a big fan of Bengal kitties but we also have 4 rescue/ferals too.  One of the feral cats is totally in love with Zach! We can’t touch her but she is happy living in the house with her siblings and spooning with big Zach.

I would love to use one of your favorite photos depicting life here in Lake Norman. (Optimum size is a landscape photo about 2MB or about 1600 x 1200 pixels). I will give a $25 Gas Card to anyone who provides a photo that I use as one of my monthly calendars. If you’d like to submit a photo or an idea for a future calendar, please send it to…

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Lake Norman Real Estate’s April 2019 Calendar is Purrrfect!


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