Lake Norman April 2016 Desktop Calendar

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One of my favorite things about life in Lake Norman is my Certified Wildlife Habitat Garden.  It has grown over the past 10 years from red clay to an amazing retreat where I can enjoy myriad plants, flowers and Lake Norman’s wide array of birds, wildlife and butterflies without ever leaving my house.  Here is a photo of my pond and waterfall area from last April:
Diane Aurit's garden

I also have 16 feeders for all types of birds and even squirrels and ducks.  That said, my top goal this year is to attract more Monarch Butterflies and NOW is the time to be planting for them so get out your trowel! You can even become a Monarch Butterfly Habitat.  Start by planting at least 3 varieties of milkweed as shown in the April Calendar photo above.  Want to buy milkweed and other pollinators for your garden?  Go to Dearness Gardens  in Huntersville and ask for Christine Lisiewski or Christy Larson.  They are truly experts!

To make your desktop calendar just click on the link above and then right click and select “set as background”. 

I would love to use one of your favorite photos depicting life here in Lake Norman. (Optimum size is a landscape photo about 2MB or about 1600 x 1200 pixels). I will give a $25 Gas Card to anyone who provides a photo that I use as one of my monthly calendars. If you’d like to submit a photo or an idea for a future calendar, please send it to…

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Lake Norman photos

Lake Norman Real Estate’s April Calendar is for the Monarchs!


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