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Lake Norman Real Estate’s Business of the Week: Summit Coffee

 Summitt Coffee in Davidson Lake Norman

 If you want to experience the best of life in a small college town in the Lake Norman area, you need look no further than the Summit Coffee  house on Main Street in Historic Downtown Davidson.

Summit Coffee & Tea is the epitome of what true old-school coffee houses should offer:  A gathering place for students, faculty and locals where people of all ages are drawn to the warm and inviting ambiance, great coffee, delicious pastries, fine teas, micro-brews, wine, evening entertainment and a place to hang out with your laptop or a good book.

With tables and chairs in both the front and on the large rear patio, (pictured to the right), on a sunny day you will find Summit Coffee to be a central meeting spot for students, soccer moms, professors, artists, athletes and anyone who appreciates top quality coffee and a place to just enjoy being with friends.



Inside the 100 year-old building in which Summit Coffee is located, a collection of antiques and mis-matched furniture, ceiling fans and a wall of eclectic sundries from T-Shirts to coffee mugs are all just the right amount of funky to make everyone feel at home.

Don’t be at all surprised to find a group of people waiting in line.  I don’t think I have ever been there when it wasn’t busy!

That’s because Summit Coffee serves up the best coffee around by a friendly group of top-notch baristas!

The chalk board menu behind the counter offers myriad beverage options including the best espresso I have found in the Lake Norman area as well as pastries and lunches from La Patisserie in Mooresville.

You can also buy freshly roasted coffee beans by the half or pound.  My favorite is their rich decaf Magnolia.

If you climb up the rather unassuming stairway to the second floor you will find a huge room with stuffed furniture, a corner for the musicians, and a great place to enjoy their premium wines and micro-brew beers 6 nights a week.

During the day it’s a popular but quiet place to hang out or study with friends.

You will quickly learn, however,  that Summit Coffee is more that just a place to find great coffee.

There is an overarching theme of mountain climbing and adventure blended with a passionate focus on Sustainability, Fair Trade, Organic and Shade Grown coffee. 

Since it opened over 10 years ago, Summit Coffee has shown a strong commitment to the community and giving to charitable organizations like The Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, The Conservation Alliance, Davidson Lands Conservation to name just a few.

I think the Quote from mountain climber Erik Weihenmayer  which is on their organic cotton T-Shirt says a lot about the owner and the character of Summit Coffee and what makes it special:

“A summit isn’t just a place on a mountain.  A summit exists in our hearts and minds.  A summit is a symbol that with the force of our will, we can transform our lives into whatever we choose them to be”

 Summit Coffee & Tea.

128 South Main Street. Davidson, NC 704.895.9090


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