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Meet Zoey, my sweet and adorable kitty who, when not playing the piano, loves sitting on my lap “helping” me work. Three years ago in January I was working on a new waterfront listing on Lake Norman which had on it an old cabin and was tenant occupied.  When I walked through the door on that cold night my eyes went right past the house to the sliding glass door facing the lake.  There was this cute little kitten face staring at me.  I walked right passed everyone to the door, went out and picked up the shivering little kitty.  She purred louder than any kitty I have ever heard.  She curled up on my shoulder and snuggled into my neck.  It was love at first sight and I knew then that I had to help her.  Apparently she had been abandoned as a tiny kitten and the tenants were feeding her outside.

They didn’t want to take her with them so it was up to me to find her a good home.  My husband and I already had 7 cats so I felt I couldn’t keep her myself. My photographer also fell in love with her when she came to take photos of the property but her husband wouldn’t let her keep her.  Finally, I convinced my son to take her. We went to the property the day the tenants moved out to bring her home. We call and looked for her outside but no kitty to be found. I was devastated.  It turns out the tenants had put her in the bathroom with some food and a litter box where she had been for several days.  We took her straight to the vets to have her checked and given shots and then back to my house.  It became clear that my son was on the fence about taking her.  Then my wonderful husband stepped in and said the magic words.  She is your cat, you love her, so we will keep her.  The rest is. well, years of pure joy with many more to come.

I wish you all a year full of joy, love and good health!

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