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Lake Norman Real Estate’s June Wallpaper Calendar is for the Birds!

Lake Norman Heron photo

 Life in Lake Norman NC in June is all about the lake.  If you are a boater, skier, sailor or an enthusiast of myriad other water sports and recreation, most likely the lake will be your home away from home this month.

But there is another side of Lake Norman’s gifts to us lucky enough to live here and that is the flora and fauna; the wonders of mother nature.  Thanks to the growing efforts by Duke Energy AND many passionate residents, our lake continues to be home to an incredible array of wildlife, both furry and with feathers!

One of my favorites is the Blue Heron.  If you are lucky, you might see a Blue Heron walking along the shoreline or taking majestic flight like the photo above. 

To make this your June Wallpaper for your desktop computer, simply click on the button above “Lake Norman Calendar” and follow the simple directions.

Every month I ask for my readers to send me suggestions or photos for future calendars.  I would welcome your input or photos!  The photos need to be about 2MB in order to have the clarity I need.

July is coming…do you have any ideas?


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