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Lake Norman Restaurant Review: Rock Bottom

A Lake Norman Restaurant Review


Kathy K.

Rock Bottom is located right in the heart of the city of Charlotte.

On the day we visited there was a huge festival going on in the streets with plenty of food vendors yet Rock Bottom was packed and had a 10 minute waiting list. They offer inside and outside seating but my husband and our friends took whatever we could get which turned out to be inside seating.

The decor isn’t bad but I have never been a fan of the open ceiling, industrial loft look especially when I can see dust and webbs all over the ducts. In addition, the ladies restroom was appallingly filthy. I did take into considerationthough that the bathroom is located next to a back door and I believe in addition to all the restaurant patrons, the restaurant was being bombarded with all the women from the festival using it as well.

On to the food: Our server, Ed, was friendly and informative and steered us in the right direction. His suggestion was the Flame-Grilled Meat Loaf which everyone except for me opted for. It’s a blend of Italian Sausage and Ground Beef and is served over White Cheddar Mashed Potatoes along with a Brown Gravy and Vegetables. That dish got kudos all around.

I took my suggestion from the menu which listed the Hazelnut Crusted Chicken as being one of their specialties. The encrusted chicken is sauteed with a Sun-Dried Cherry Sauce and is also served with the White Cheddar MashedPotatoes and Vegetables. Delicious!! The chicken could easily be cut with my fork and had a wonderfully, unique taste. The potatoes had just the right amount of cheese and the veggies were nice and firm.

We all split their Signature Carrot Cake for dessert and that was delightful as well.


Though none in our party sampled any of their beer, Rock Bottom is a brewery as well as a restaurant and offers a long list of beer choices that they brew on the premises. (Editor’s note: Rock Bottom is part of the Gordon Biersh Brewery which is known for their wonderful beers! We had one in Pasadena CA. and it was quite popular with the young crowd.)

For food and service I would rate Rock Bottom 5 Stars but for aesthetics I give them 3 Stars for a total of…




Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery
401 N. Tryon Street, Suite 100

Rock Bottom


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