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Lake Norman Restaurant Review: 131 Main

A Lake Norman Restaurant Review


Kathy K.

131 Main in Cornelius is the first of several to open in the greater Lake Norman and Charlotte area.

The restaurant’s decor falls somewhere between elegant and casual with neutral colors, large booths, plantation shutters and gas lighting fixtures on the walls, all of which add to the feel of sitting in a formal yet inviting enclosed sun porch. The kitchen area can be seen upon entering the restaurant and appeared to be well organized and clean as did the entire dining area. The bar area has a warm and cozy feel to it and the restrooms are impressive (my husband informed me that the men’s room even has a flat screen TV behind a glass panel).

This is the second trip we’ve made and both times we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our meals. If it’s a salad you’re in the mood for 131 Main offers several. The Cobb Salad is a large blend of mixed greens with a blue cheese vinaigrette and it comes with the option, for a few dollars more, of adding shrimp, chicken, seared tuna or steak. I choose the chicken and the salad was as satisfying as you can get if it’s just a regular salad you’re looking for, though I would have preferred a blue cheese dressing as opposed to the vinaigrette.

If you’re searching for a salad with a bit more pizzazz then I’d give the Thai Style Salad a try. It’s a huge salad with the option of either Steak or Shrimp and comes with Asian noodles, Avocado, Mango and Mint and the dressing is a wonderful Ginger Vinaigrette that suits it to a tee.

If salad isn’t what you’re looking for there’s a fair amount of other options including the Daily Specials. One of those Specials is the Cajun Chicken, a large breast that’s tender and spiced to perfection. It comes on a mound of creamy Mashed Potatoes and is covered in a white, incredibly delicious Asparagus Sauce. The only negative is that it was a bit too salty but the dish was so tasty even that was quickly forgiven.
Service is prompt and friendly though during one of our visits our server’s enthusiasm bordered on relentlessness. No amount of smiling or endless adjectives was going to talk us into the Scallop appetizer or the Banana Cream Pie dessert. I wouldn’t think it possible to make such a fuss over Chai Tea but it was presented so beautifully that it felt like enough of a dessert all on it’s own.
We found 131 Main to be a great choice for lunch and judging by the crowd we weren’t the only ones to feel that way!

Rating: *****

(My wonderful restaurant critic Kathy and I both feel this is truly one of the best restaurants in all of Lake Norman and even Charlotte. My personal favorite is the seared Ahi Tuna Salad with mango and avocado.  And you MUST try their cornbread served in a skillet!) 131 Main

17830 N. Statesville Road


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