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Lake Norman Restaurant Review: Soiree


Please note that Soiree is closed and the Epic Chop House  is now open in its location!

A Lake Norman Restaurant Review


Kathy K.

For our wedding anniversary my husband and I made dinner reservations at Soirée in historic downtown Mooresville. I had previously passed by the restaurant on several occasions while strolling through town showing all of our out of town guests all that downtown Mooresville has to offer. Each time I passed by I’d make a point to peek in through the windows of the restaurant and liked what I saw. The restaurant is quaint and has a rich history which you can read about if you log onto their website which is listed below. The decor is tasteful and offers an upstairs “gallery” that you can stroll around either before or after your meal and the service is top notch in this upscale restaurant.


My husband ordered the Pan Roasted Sea Bass which was seared and served over a Lemon Essence Truffle Risotto Cake and accompanied with a Saffron Seafood Sauce for $27.00.

I chose the Pan Crisped Snapper which came with two Artichoke-Fennel Raviolis and a Smoked Paprika Sauce for $26.00. Both dishes were well presented and very tasty; the problem was that there just wasn’t enough to them. The portions were quite small which may have been overlooked had they come with a vegetable or some other accompaniment.

Normally, after a meal we hem and haw over whether to get dessert or not because we’re so stuffed and in addition we often bring part of our meal home because we just can’t finish it. Not this time…dessert was definitely in order and had the bread basket not been taken away before our meal was served we would have been back in it. The basket came with 4 little pieces of bread…two were the standard restaurant served bread and two were truly delightful herbed pieces of bread. We ate those and left the other two in anticipation of our meal. Darn, would have liked to have them back after we finished our meal.

Now it was definitely time to order dessert. We were in the mood for cheesecake and we love a good old-fashioned New York Style Cheesecake…plain. We don’t care for toppings and other flavors since they often tend to over-power the cheesecake. The only cheesecake on the menu was a Ginger Pumpkin Cheesecake which we ordered. What a surprise! It was beautifully presented and had a ginger color to it and just a hint of the ginger and pumpkin to allow the cheesecake to still shine through…it was a perfect blending of flavors, absolutely delicious!!

The entire meal was delectable and dining experience was quite good, our only complaint would be that the portions were too small and that is a rare occurrence for us to encounter. We also found it a tad pricey for what we were served. If you plan to spend a day just taking in the wonderful shops in downtown Mooresville I would recommend you stop in for a nice meal and a little bit of history, just don’t show up too hungry.

Rating: *****


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