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Lake Norman Restaurant Review: The North Harbor Club


A Lake Norman Restaurant Review


Kathy K.

Let me start off by saying…I love this place! I’ve been several times now and haven’t had a bad meal yet and I’ve tried several different dishes. You have the option of dining outside on a large patio deck that overlooks a marina and Lake Norman. There are numerous tables with umbrellas to help shade you from the sun while you enjoy the view. If it’s too hot out, no outside tables available or you just prefer to dine inside then you can enjoy your meal in the nautically themed, upscale inside portion of the restaurant and still have a view. It’s a win/win situation.

This review will be of my most recent visit with my husband and parents. We went for lunch and because it was such a gorgeous day we decided to wait approximately 15 minutes for an outside table to become available. I selected one of my favorites dishes off of the menu, the Grilled Tuna.

The tuna is sushi grade and always grilled exactly the way I request it. It comes on top of a sauteed baby bok choy bulb along with a small, crisp lobster spring roll. This is all pulled together with a spicy pineapple vinaigrette. If you order this dish off of the dinner menu it comes with a mango salsa instead of the vinaigrette. I can’t put into words just how delicious this entree is…you just have to try it for yourself!

My husband and my Dad both ordered the North Harbor Half Pound Burger which is basically exactly what is says it is…a half pound burger. It comes with fries and the option of adding cheese, smoked bacon, mushrooms and/or caramelized onions. They both opted for plain and moaned with pleasure throughout the dining experience. My Mom selected the Grilled Fondina and Wild Mushroom which is a Farmers bread covered with olive oil and “white truffle fondue” and accompanied by 3 large asparagus fries. I’m glad she ordered that dish because I’ve been tempted to order it several times in the past but always thought it sounded as if it would be very rich and heavy and leave me feeling overly full. Now, I would finally be able to taste it without being committed to eating all of it. Well, she shared her 3 asparagus fries with us all and they left us wishing we had a whole pile of them. Then I got a bite of the sandwich…I was right, although it tasted incredibly good I know had I eaten the whole sandwich I would have felt much too stuffed and that’s exactly how my Mom felt the rest of the day. I can’t say this wasn’t a good dish but I can say you need to be really hungry to order it. The restaurant also has a fabulous dessert menu and an extensive list of wine and martini’s to choose from. Like I said before, I love this place!

Rating: *****


The North Harbor Club Restaurant and Bar
100-D North Harbor Place
Exit 30 off of I-77


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