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Lake Norman Skate Shop in Downtown Mooresville is…..AWESOME!

LKN SK8 Shop in Mooresville

When I think of today’s skate boarders and how this sport has evolved I think of images from this past summer’s 13th “X Games” and a new language including grinding, half-pikes, ramps, huge air.

Wall of Skateboards

Once associated with the surfing and west coast world, I was truly excited to hear that true, hardcore skateboarding has arrived in Mooreville NC! Not only do we have a brand new skate park located behind the Mooresville Police Department at 1013 SkatePark, but on July 26th a hot new store LKN Skate Shopopened in downtown Mooresville on 162 Broad Street.

Skateboarding Safety Gear

Owner and dedicated parents Steve and Elizabeth Davis opened the shop “to provide an outlet for their son to perfect his skating skills and to open the door to skating for others in the Lake Norman area” according to a recent cover article in Lake Norman Magazine. Here is a place where serious skateboarders of all ages can get everything from the top names in skateboards, hardware, helmets to the cool shoes and unique clothing that define the look of a competitive skateboarder.

LKN SK8 Shop in Mooresville

When I visited LKN Skate Shop for this article, I was fortunate to meet 13 year-old Jackson Davis, whose passion, talent and love for skateboarding has already landed him sponsors and a reputation as a rising star in the skateboarding world. When I asked him how many serious injuries he has had he just shrugged his shoulders and said he had only broken his knee cap.

While I admit I am not an expert, I was truly impressed with the huge wall of skateboards, cases of hardware and accessories and nice selection of protective gear and clothing. Jackson was quick to point out the while I thought they had a good selection of shoes, they are going to be getting a lot more!

Jackson’s ultimate goal right now is to make it to the “X Games” and perhaps go pro. In the meantime he will be teaching and encouraging more Lake Norman skaters to push their limits and to be “willing to fall”. While he competes nationally, you can see him at the LKN SK8 Shop sponsored Queen City AM Jam that is being held in Charlotte in September.



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