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Lake Norman water levels up and rising!

Wow,  Lake Norman’s drought is over thanks to a series of large storms that are still hammering the east coast.  Our lake levels were as low as 93.6′ at the peak of the drought in late summer.  The photo below was taken on September 9, 2015

Lake Norman Shoreline during the drought

Today, Lake Norman’s water level, according to Duke Energy’s lake level chart (updated throughout the day is 96.4′ and still rising.  I took the picture below a few hours ago to show you the difference 3 feet makes!

Lake Norman shoreline after rain on October 2015

As you can see above, the angle of the ramp to the floating dock is now just slightly downward rather than steep and the water now reaches the rip rap by the dock and almost to the vegetation in the foreground.  Given the amount of rain our mountains have had this past week my guess is that Lake Norman lake levels may go up several more feet.  I can just imagine the waterfront residents and boaters cheering as they watch the levels return to normal.  Woo Hoo!

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