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Lake Norman waterfront real estate: Does it have to be love at first site?

Lake Norman waterfront home for sale

As I have written for years, Lake Norman’s waterfront lifestyles are almost schizophrenic.  On the one hand, we have the renowned luxury community The Point that is now affiliated with the Trump National Golf Club and offers stunning waterfront estates, impeccably landscaped homes and common grounds which offer a more uniform lifestyle dictated in part by the very strict home owner association rules and regulations which are in place to protect the quality and integrity of this very special community.

With 520 miles for shoreline however, most of Lake Norman’s waterfront homes are not in luxury communities but rather in as varied neighborhoods as you can imagine.  Keeping in mind that Lake Norman was created by Duke Power in the 1960’s and initially waterfront lots sold for as little as $500 you can understand that there still exist cabins, single and doublewide mobile homes dating back to it’s origins before I-77 was completed and before Lake Norman evolved into the global destination that it is today.

Honestly, most of my waterfront buyers want large, newer homes on Lake Norman’s Main Channel.  While I moved here in 2005 from Pasadena CA where I listed and sold primarily historic homes, I must admit I have grown so accustomed to showing  newer homes that when I went on a listing appointment a month ago knowing that the waterfront home was built in 1975 I had already decided it wouldn’t probably be one that I would get excited about listing.

My first mistake was wearing my The Point glasses when first touring the home and property. (Which I think many buyers do as well).  I made quick and bias assumptions focusing mainly on what the property wasn’t.  Each subsequent visit increased my interest and my memories of how to truly look at and appreciate a unique home starting with the realization that I have to stop using The Point yardstick when measuring the homes value, both monetarily and emotionally.

How does one put a price on the fact that the original owner/builder used a huge quantity of old brick from Carolina Textile Mills as well as 2 1/2″ x 6″ tongue and groove wood floors and what were originally floor joists from the mills for exposed beamed ceilings?

Antique China Cabinet in Lake Norman waterfront home

How does one quantify the fact that my seller used 90-year old quarter-sawn oak for much of the detailing in the updated kitchen (which has Viking appliances) and that he built in a gorgeous 1800’s English antique china cabinet in the kitchen as well as making their kitchen island out of an antique oak desk?

Sailboat Stained Glass in Lake Norman waterfront home

There is even a stained glass image of a sail boat in the built-in antique china cabinet…how perfect is this!

Gorgeous outdoor fireplace and built-in grill

How cool is it that my seller had this gorgeous outdoor wood-burning fireplace and built-in grill made out of more historic Carolina Textile Mill bricks and also features a bronze porthole from an old ship.

130 Lochfoot sunrise on Lake Norman

This home is not about trey ceilings and huge rooms, it is about loving life and living life to the fullest.  It is about waking up to sunrise views like this one every day.

130 Lochfoot Rainibow large

 My seller says that their special Lake Norman cove seems to be a magnet for rainbows…and I don’t doubt this for one minute.  I am in love!

130 Lochfoot Lane



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