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Lake Norman’s Brawley School Road Widening to begin October 27th!

Brawley School Road Widening

Even when my husband and I bought our much loved Lake Norman home on the Brawley School Rd. Peninsula in 2005, there was nothing but talk about traffic and the proposed widening of Brawley School Rd. There seemed to be a bias against even living here which has probably had a some degree of a negative impact on the area real estate values and home sales for the past several years.

Brawley School Road Widening

The good news is that the utility poles have been moved, the trees have been cut down (see above), the businesses, structures and homes have been leveled and the water and sewer work completed.

According to the Mooresville Tribune, the official widening construction begins on Monday October 27th!

The North Carolina Department of Transportation was expected to award the first of two contracts this past week. Once approved, work is expected to begin Monday, October 27th.

More good news is that much of the work, according to Steve Abbot of the NC DOT, will take place between 7pm and 7am Monday through Saturday. The entire project will include signals at all major intersections, grading, draining, and paving of FOUR lanes divided by a grass median.

I truly believe that Lake Norman’s Brawley School Road peninsula has the most interesting, impressive and eclectic real estate, homes and communities in the entire Lake Norman area. It is on our peninsula that you will find the Crescent Communities of The Point, The Farms, The Harbour at the Point, North Shore and Pine Isle as well as an incredible array of waterfront homes along the shorelines of Isle of Pines Rd., Chuckwood Rd., McKendree Rd., Blume Rd all the way down to the end of the “8-mile Peninsula”.

If you live down Brawley School road or are considering buying a home on the peninsula, this truly is great news. While the entire project is not expected to be completed until July of 2011 and while we homeowners will face some challenges during the construction if we are just a bit patient the end result is going to be well worth it!


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