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Lake Norman’s Brawley School Road Has Gone From a Nightmare to a Dream!


 “Today (Thursday, August 25, 2011), I saw the world’s most beautiful DOT sign”.

I friend of mine (thanks Beth!) forwarded this photo and the caption to me last week.  It is hard to explain how much the quality of life has improved for all of us living down Brawley School Rd (in Lake Norman) since all lanes were opened just in time for the first day of school last Thursday!

It now takes me, on average, 4 minutes to get to the intersection for Brawley School Road and Williamson Road from Isle of Pines.  ( I used to allow 20-30 minutes for this trip depending on the time of day). I have yet to witness any bottleneck at this notorious intersection.  When making a left turn on Williamson Rd on to Brawley School Rd, simply chose one of the TWO left turn lanes and breeze through.

The funny thing is that now that traffic is zooming by (I think folks are so giddy they are exceeding the 45 mph speed limit) merging on to Brawley School from the Harris Teeter Parking lot or the BP Car Wash now requires waiting for a wide enough space to allow us to merge and get up to speed quickly!

As far as I am concerned the 3-year nightmare was more than worth it.  Living down Brawley School Road is now, in my opinion, one of the absolute best places to live in all of Lake Norman!

Lake Norman's Brawley School Road is Complete

You can order T-Shirts and license plates like this one online from: Artisan Signs and Graphics.  But, if any of you come up with a better design, let me know and we can use Cafe Press or Zazzle to custom order items.

Now, I ‘m off to preview a waterfront home on Lake Norman just off Hwy 150…I’ll bet it will only take me about 15 minutes to get there, woo hoo!

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