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Lake Norman’s Brawley School Road Widening: One Year Later

Lake Norman's Brawley School Rd

Intersection at Isle of Pines

What a difference a year makes!

It was exactly a year ago this week that Lake Norman’s infamous Brawley School Road widening project was completed.  For those of us who live down the 8-mile cul-de-sac the result has been nothing short of miraculous.  I took this photo from my car the other day.  Notice the lack of cars, the divided 4-lanes with an additional turn lane AND sidewalks and a bike lane!  Now that we have bike lanes and sidewalks cyclists (including myself) and pedestrians frequent Brawley School Rd.  There is even a group of cyclists called The Brawley Drafters  and recommended routes for avid cyclists.  It is a welcome site to see kids and families walking along the sidewalks.  What a transformation of our community!

Gone are the 45 minutes sitting on Williamson Rd waiting to turn left. Since the widening which now provides two turn lanes in each direction I have never waited more than one stop light to turn no matter what time of day.  Here is a photo I took while waiting at the intersection heading east.  No lines of traffic!



Those of us who lived through the 3 years of nightmarish construction now realize it was worth every minute!

If you are considering a move to Lake Norman, the Brawley Peninsula is the largest on the lake offering more waterfront communities from modest price ranges up to multi-million dollar estates. And, to top it off we now have the Trump National Golf Club Charlotte  (formerly The Point).

I’m off to go on a bike ride!


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