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Lake Norman’s Langtree At The Lake: Not Just Another Groundbreaking!

It was 102 degrees at 3:30 last Thursday afternoon, yet I still attended the groundbreaking ceremony for Langtree At The Lake; but not for the reasons you may think. Yes, all of the area political dignitaries were there from Bill Thunberg, Mooresville’s Mayor, Sara Haire Tice, Vice-Chair, Iredell County Board of Commissioners to 95th District Representative Karen Ray of the North Carolina House of Representatives to name just a few. But, I did not stay to schmooze or work the “tent” so to speak. Yes, the refreshments looked delicious but I didn’t have a thing to eat. They offered private tours of the new Langtree Showroom but I knew I could get a tour another day.

It didn’t dawn on me until later why I was drawn out on such a hot day to attend. I went to support the remarkable family that has devoted so much of their lives to make their dream a reality. I have known Brad Howard since he joined The Mooresville Exchange Club and joined our SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now) Board of Directors last year. Now, I don’t know how old/young Brad is but I can tell you that his business partner and father Rick Howard is 53 so in my eyes Brad is young. Yet, as a Mooresville native, he already has a keen sense of duty to preserving the quality of life here.

When it was Rick and Brad Howard’s turn to speak at the ceremony the very first thing they each shared was their thanks to each other for their friendship, their support as business partners and their love for each other as father and son. As Rick was thanking everyone that had worked so hard to make Langtree At The Lake a reality he paused, so full of emotion that he struggled to continue. I was so touched by this show of genuine emotion that as I drove home I realized I would never have to worry about this grand development’s impact on our Lake Norman community. A project like this that is driven by a family that cares so much about our community and gives so much of themselves will most surely be spectacular.

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